See the Before and After of This Dramatic Kitchen Makeover

All images courtesy of Kelly Christine Sutton

It’s time for another customer spotlight over here at the Riad blog, and this time we’re taking you through a stunning kitchen transformation. Kelly Christine Sutton is a lifestyle photographer based out of Dallas, whose clients range from Kacey Musgraves to Brian Patrick Flynn (of HGTV’s Dream Home fame). When Sutton’s home needed an upgrade, she used our tiles to transform a tired kitchen into a bright oasis of southern charm.


With linoleum countertops, fluorescent lighting, and gloomy flooring, Sutton’s kitchen needed lightening up. While her cabinets were already a bright white, their volume in the space paired with chrome handles made them colder and more confining than brilliant and inviting. It would take some restructuring to turn this kitchen into what you’re about to see, but it was well worth the effort. What was once dreary soon became a dream.


Is it redundant to call something a glow-up when it’s literally glowing? If it is, we’ll happily be guilty of that crime because we can’t get enough of this radiant transformation. 


Sutton employed some crucial spacial restructuring, natural accents, and sunny tiles to emphasize natural light and flip a stale space into a warm, welcoming haven. She used our Blush Terrazzo tile on the floor to bring a natural warmth into the room. Paired with our 2”x8” White Cement tile on the walls, the foundations for the remodel were set.

Opening Up The Space

While not entirely open-concept, this eat-in kitchen is much more breathable than before. By creating an island space in the kitchen, whose hardwood floors tie in seamlessly with the rest of the house, the transition from room to room is much smoother and gives a more contemporary feel. By replacing the linoleum countertops with warm, polished wood, the harsh austerity that sometimes accompanies contemporary design is softened and emulates chic, rustic style.

Sutton kept the existing lower cabinets and drawers but took out the upper cabinets in favor of a more welcoming, less cluttered design. She replaced some of the cabinets with floating wood shelves to match the countertops, decorated tastefully with vining plants and provincial touches.

In place of the rest of the upper cabinets, our 2”x8” White Cement tile covers the walls and better fits the space. Removing the upper cabinets also lets in more natural light, rather than obstructing the sunlight that pours through the window. The difference is dramatic.

Finally, gold handles and accents, rather than the chrome in the kitchen before, accentuate the renovated kitchen’s soft tones and hospitable nature, acting as the cherry on top of this dramatic redesign.

Shop the Terrazzo tile on the floor here and the cement tile on the backsplash here.

Finally, if you need any photography, personal or professional, check out Kelly Christine Sutton’s website, and book a consultation here

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