Plan Your Summer Escape to The Cabin Collection’s Idyll House

The idea of time out in the woods, away from everyday life’s hectic pace, is immensely appealing as soon as the weather turns warm. Unfortunately, indoor plumbing is also quite attractive, so typical camping may be a stretch. Enter: Glamping.

Glamping in Oklahoma is one of the best summer vacation ideas to add to your list this year. The Cabin Collection offers 10 properties with stunning views, plenty of amenities, and gorgeous indoor bathrooms. Book a stay at their newest cabin, Broken Bow Idyll Haus, to see for yourself.

Idyll House - The Cabin Collection

Stay Close to Nature

We’re nature lovers. So, much of our tile designs’ inspiration comes from nature, and we aim to make products that elevate the natural world inside our homes. The Cabin Collection properties showcase this vision throughout. We especially love their use of Riad Tile at the Idyll Haus cabin.


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Visitors are treated to the best combination of upscale and organic. The big design decisions, like layout and window placement, allow you to feel immersed in the forest and surrounded by nature. The smaller details, like the tile and hardware, carry the tones and textures of nature through every nook and cranny.

Vacation Mode: Fun!

Even though the details reflect the beautiful landscape around this Oklahoma glamping spot, the designers remembered to add some whimsy, too. You’re vacationing in an area with plenty of exciting amenities to explore, so the cabin interior should reflect some of that fun. For example, our Dandelion Black and White Ceramic Tile transforms the iconic flower into a laidback party time vibe.

The patterned tile sprinkled on this bathroom floor adds just the right amount of spice to the relaxing atmosphere in this spacious cabin. It’s the vacation mode you didn’t even know you needed.

The Setting Speaks for Itself

We love when the design aesthetic of a destination matches its surroundings. It’s somehow easier to enjoy this way. At Idyll Haus, the indoor elements pop without overpowering the true star of the show: your fantastic location nestled in the forest. This bathroom’s color palette complements the view perfectly.

Our Groovy Terracotta Ceramic Tile adds dimension and interest to the floor without detracting from the natural vibes. We love how the Cabin Collection designers made the pattern flow with organic circles.

Escape to Summer Serenity

At the height of summer, being out in nature with plenty of modern amenities sounds like the perfect vacation. The design ideas in these Oklahoma cabins offer something more: expertly crafted spaces to recharge in peace. While your family and friends enjoy the pool, playground, and nearby trails, you can escape to one of the serene bedrooms or bathrooms to truly unwind. We’re loving the pure white tones in this bathroom — a welcome antidote to the hustle and bustle of our lives back home.

A few pops of black hardware help add some depth to the room, and our Swiss Cross Ceramic Tile on the floors is a great way to ground the space. Elegant and modern while still being understated — the perfect combination for the summer serenity you deserve.

Book your stay with The Cabin Collection for one of those unforgettable summer vacations full of fun, relaxation, and plenty of style.