Our New Patterned Ceramic Tiles Make a Serious Statement

Our cement tile’s bold and beautiful patterns have made a serious splash. Now, we are excited to up our tile game even more with the newest MVPs on our home turf—our patterned ceramic tiles.

What we love about ceramic tile versus cement tile is that the ceramic is slightly thinner and more streamlined, measuring in at 3/8″ instead of 5/8″. Ceramic tile also doesn’t need to be sealed, meaning one less step in the installation process.

Like our cement tile, though, our glazed ceramic tile is specially handmade, so there may be subtle yet beautiful differences in color, shape and size, as well as lovely imperfections.

You might also notice some crazing, which is cracking solely within the fired glaze due to tensile stresses, temperature fluctuation or expansions and contractions of the tile body or setting bed. It’s not a defect and may even occur after installation!

Let’s take a look at the lineup of our new and best ceramic tile players.

Dandelion Black and White Ceramic Tile

Remember those fun dandelion puffballs that you might have made a wish on when you were younger? You may now think of them as weeds you wish were NOT in your yard.

But in our Dandelion Black and White ceramic tile, we’ve captured the magical quality of the puff without any of the grown-up peskiness.

While this tile is a good fit anywhere, we can definitely see it used in an outdoor kitchen or patio for a referential nod to those summer puffball days.

Estrella Black Ceramic Tile

One of our most beloved black-and-white cement tiles is the Estrella—and she is a beauty. Our new Estrella Black ceramic tile follows in her footsteps with the same starburst pattern that ignites bathroom floors and walls, pumps up even the most petite of powder rooms and offers plenty of attitude on a kitchen island.

The Estrella brings a touch of retro-mod to every surface and plays well with other styles, from contemporary to rustic.

Maya White and Black Ceramic Tile

We’re crazy about the maze-like movement of our Maya White and Black ceramic tile. What’s cool about this tile is that you can use it to create multiple enthralling designs—from a high-impact chevron pattern to a labyrinthine look.

It’s a mesmerizing effect that commands attention and offers a unique touch of artistry to any surface.

For example, we’ve seen our Maya cement tile used in a kitchen and a coffee bar—and we can totally see the black-and-white ceramic tile version working just as well. The warmth of wood grounds the space and lets the tile stand on its own.

Scout White and Black Ceramic Tile

For an entirely different linear look, check out the Scout White and Black ceramic tile—it is quite the line dancer for any space.

What’s extra interesting about this tile is its hexagonal shape that both complements and contrasts the straight angles of its five black lines.

Solid Black Hex and Solid White Hex Ceramic Tile

Speaking of hexagons, there are more honeycomb patterns to be had in our Solid Black Hex and Solid White Hex ceramic tiles—because, sometimes, even the biggest pattern fans need a break.

These jet-black and creamy-white tiles are the perfect counterpoint to the striking geometry of our other pattern players, offering a neutral foundation for more graphic designs.

But don’t ever call these hexes boring. We also love mixing and matching these white and black tiles in the same space to form a new pattern.

Sunny Days Ceramic Tile

We dare you not to smile when you see our Sunny Days ceramic tile. With a palette of sunset, sunrise and ocean-blue hues, it’s a brilliant way to walk into any shower—or perk up a coffee corner in a home.

It’s delightfully mod and just a little hippy-dippy, and we are so here for it in any space your heart desires.

The options are endless for how and where to use our new ceramic tiles—from indoors to outdoors, floors to walls, showers to decorative tables, kitchen islands, coffee corners, bars and more.

For inspo, check out our Instagram @riadtile and browse our handmade tile online, where you can also order samples and embark on your own pattern play.