Norwegian Rose: What’s Up with Pink Marble Tile?

Every once in awhile, something entirely new to interior decor arrives in the US. Something so completely unique and never-before-seen that it can’t escape being noticed wherever it is placed.  Sometimes this new piece soars in and takes American households by storm, appearing in countless trendy spaces seemingly overnight. Other times, it trickles in a few homes at a time, adopted by a handful of bold design pioneers who pave the way for broader use. In either case, the introduction of something new requires artistically adventurous people to show how fantastic the New can be.  

Riad Tile’s Norwegian Rose Marble Tile is that rare example of something completely new to the US, and it is swiftly being adopted into a multitude of different homes. This gorgeous variety of marble, while well-known in Nordic homes, hasn’t been seen much, if at all, in American homes. In fact, Riad Tile is the US’ first supplier of this distinct pink marble tile, using marble quarried in, you guessed it, Norway. This variety of marble can only be found in Norway, so each individual tile that we create is sourced from the same location.

Our addition of Norwegian Rose pink marble tile is well in-line with our mission to provide our customers with the finest, most unique, and highest quality tile that we possibly can. We want you to be able to create your dream space, so we work hard to provide you with the options needed to do so. Norwegian Rose Marble Tile features an entirely unique texture that is capable of adding a flair of vibrant color and marble’s signature glimmer to all manner of different spaces. 

Perhaps the best quality of this pink marble tile is that you decide the rules on how to use it. Like we said, it’s brand new to the US, so beyond basic interior design practices, you decide exactly how and where to use this tile. So let’s discuss a few possible options!

The Best Example of a ‘Modern Classic’

Despite their freshness to the US, you might have noticed a sense of familiarity regarding these rose marble tiles. Almost as though they’ve been a part of stylish decor for decades, appearing and reappearing in kitchens and bathrooms over years. We get this feeling as well, and we chalk it up to the color. Softer pinks have long been a staple in bathrooms and kitchens, especially in homes or spaces that have a more mid-century look. This similarity in color goes a long way in making this marble tile seem at home in the home, because even though it’s new, it doesn’t seem out of place in the slightest. 

At Riad Tile, we’re always keeping an eye out for those materials and tile varieties that can be called “modern classics”. It’s not a label we like to slap on any old tile. We think that to be called a modern classic, a piece of decor needs to exhibit the difficult quality of longevity, both in style and in function. Take for example, our encaustic cement tiles. Many of the varieties of encaustic tiles we have on offer are based on designs that have remained prominent in multiple cultures for decades, even centuries in some cases. The same could be said for our zellige tiles or our other varieties of marble tile. Norwegian Rose marble tile’s combination of stylish delicate pink color and classic subway and mosaic marble tile shapes makes it a perfect example of what could be considered a modern classic. Norwegian Rose has no shortage of the rich contrasting veining and vivid, nearly crystalline translucence that marble is well-known for, while offering a bold color scheme that fits into a wide variety of different settings.  

Naturally-Occurring, No Dyes or Pigments Needed

Marble is among the few tiling materials available that is a pure representation of the beauty that only comes from natural geological processes. Unlike most other materials that require some sort of processing, refinement, or curing, marble requires little more than shaping and polishing before being ready for the home. Because of how comparatively little marble requires to be home-ready, much of this material’s natural beauty is preserved.  

At Riad Tile, we source our marble tile from only the highest quality slabs of marble, quarried all around the world. The variety of marble produced varies wildly from region to region, due in part to a wide spectrum of geological features. Regardless of the variety, every quarried slab of marble is carefully inspected for quality and consistency, before being hewn into one of our multiple different tile patterns. 

One of our favorite aspects of Norwegian Rose marble is the gorgeous, rich color scheme present in each and every tile. From soft greys, blush, and white to lively pink and rose, this tile contains every variety of pink you could possibly want in your tile, each color contrasting in a way that can only be achieved through countless years of refinement within the earth. 

Like every marble tile that Riad Tile offers, our Norwegian Rose goes through no additional coloration, dyeing, or bleaching. The amazing color is entirely naturally occurring, so all we do is make sure each tile is perfectly polished to glimmering perfection before putting it directly in your hands. 

White, Rose, and Pink Marble Tile

So at this point, we’ve talked a bit about where Norwegian Rose marble comes from and revealed a few possible uses around the home. We’ve even discussed why this stunning, new marble variety might seem a bit familiar. But what really makes this lovely pink tile so special? And why might you want to use this for your next project?

To fully understand what makes pink Norwegian Rose marble tile so special, you first must understand how rare this tile really is. Norwegian Rose marble is isolated to a relatively small corner of the world. It can’t be found anywhere else, owing it’s look entirely to the geological makeup of Norway. sure, you might be able to find some variety of pink marble after enough searching, but no other pink marble has the unique color variations that you find in Norwegian Rose. Most other pink marble tends to be relatively monochromatic compared to the swathes of colors present in Norwegian Rose. After all, a major part of marble’s appeal is the variation in color that one might find in any given variety. For example, our Casablanca Carrara marble, while primarily vibrant white, is cut with a fair amount of delicate greys in various shades, adding a bit of texture and contrast to the variety. When divided up among multiple tiles, these variations become even more pronounced and interesting, only furthering the appeal of marble.

Norwegian Rose offers similar color variations, though in a significantly more pronounced manner. As you can see, the streaks in Norwegian Rose aren’t simply shadows of the principle color, they offshoot in fascinating directions. You might see light or dark grey, stark or eggshell white, or even slate black. A single tile might contain a spectrum of different colors, providing more contrast than virtually any other variety of marble. After they’re applied to a kitchen, entryway, or bathroom, these tiles are at their absolute best. The variations in color add a healthy dose of contrast that is only accentuated by the slightly differing tiles at each side. 

In addition to the amazing color and contrast these tiles bring to your home, they have the characteristics marble is well-known for: the translucent top layer that creates a glow in the right light, the durability and resistance to stains, and the classic marbled look that never goes out of style.

Perfect for Projects of All Scale

Riad Tile’s Norwegian Rose Marble Tile, while still pretty new to the States, is steadily growing in popularity. Remember, up until late last year when we added them to our line of marble tiles, Norwegian Rose marble tiles actually weren’t readily available to US customers at all. What’s even more unfortunate is how few people were aware of this utterly stunning variety of marble, as it’s nothing less than a perfect material for tile.

Our Norwegian Rose pink marble tile is available in both standard 6 x 12” Subway Tile, as well as our mosaic marble tile patterns, Herringbone, Hexagon, Diamond, and Pickett. Each of these cuts of marble tile has its own unique purpose in a given space, with some being better suited for larger applications and others excelling at creating some intricate and fascinating. 

That being said, the way you choose to use any given tile is completely dependent on your personal tastes and your space. If you’re planning a larger application but you’d prefer a more delicate tile to offset some other part of your space, don’t let our recommendations stop you! No one knows your space and your tastes better than you, we’re just here to help you through the decision-making process. 

If you’re looking for something suited for a larger project, the most common selection is undoubtedly Subway Tile, and for good reason. This robust tile is an excellent choice for spaces requiring a solid, consistent application that lets the patterns present in the marble itself do most of the work. Subway tile is perfect for bathroom floors, floor-to-ceiling showers, and large backsplashes in the kitchen. Marble subway tile is always stylish, celebrating simplicity and tradition. 

Subway tile is far from the only marble tile to exhibit traditional style, though. Most of the patterns we offer in our line of mosaic marble tile date back centuries, spanning multiple cultural traditions in the process. Pickett and Hexagon mosaic marble tile fall squarely into the category of tile styles that became ubiquitous across multiple cultures hundreds of years ago. 

On the other hand, some marble mosaic tile styles, like Herringbone or Diamond Mosaic, emerge more recently. Rather than having a lineage dating back centuries, these tile were popularized much more recently (though styles similar to our Herringbone certainly have a history!). 

Regardless of their history, our Norwegian Rose marble mosaic tile can be used in numerous applications around the home, but are best used in smaller applications as something of an accent piece. In the bathroom, mosaic tiles might be commonly seen used as on the shower floor or in a niche, adding a bit of variety to subway-tiled shower walls. They might also be used to create a small backsplash in half-bath or non-master bath. In the kitchen, mosaic marble tiles are primarily used for backsplashes that span only the section above the sink or stove, though in some smaller kitchens they may also be used as flooring. 

Again, these recommendations are based on general use, and you might find that you’d prefer to do something completely different. We encourage applications like that! We absolutely love when our customers think outside the box, because that’s how something new and exciting is born. By playing with conventions, you might create something unique and amazing, even inspiring others in the process.

Riad Tile: The First Distributor of Norwegian Rose Marble Tile in US

At Riad Tile, we’re incredibly proud of the tiles we have on offer. Our list of selections is designed to provide you with options you need to better explore your tastes and preferences, ultimately providing you with what you need to complete your dream project. Our new Norwegian Rose marble tiles are yet another extension of that goal, giving you yet another tool you can use to build whatever you want to build. 

If you’re interested in seeing our Norwegian Rose marble in person, please feel free to order a sample today! If you happen to be local to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, stop by one of our showroom displays to see our full line in one place. We have displays in Frisco at Flea Style, one of Frisco’s best retail spots, and in the Dallas Design District at the fabulous Design Gallery Dallas. 

If you have any questions about this new variety of marble, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.