Moroccan Tile: Travelling Across the US

There are no tiles like authentic Moroccan zellige tiles. From the slight color variations to the singular shining glaze, this Moroccan tile is absolutely unique and growing in popularity every single day.

A Few of Our Favorite Uses of Zellige this Month

This bathroom shows perhaps all the desirable qualities of white zellige tile in a single excellent build. The soothing neutrality, the soft, off-white contrast, the subtle variation in color and finish; all of these qualities blend together to make a desirable tile perfect for a wide variety of different applications. It’s no wonder that Natural White is one of our most popular tiles in our already popular Moroccan zellige tile collection.

The designer of this gorgeous bathroom limited the zellige to the shower, allowing the tile to contrast the brighter elements in the room, from the larger tiles on the floor to the porcelain tub to the natural light itself. Thanks to the generous size of this shower, you can also see all the idiosyncrasies that make this Moroccan tile so special. If you look closely at any individual zellige tile, you’ll quickly realize that it’s unlike any of the other tiles alongside it. Specifically within our Natural White zellige, one tile might be a light tan while another takes on a cool white, while others still may even skew toward light-but-ruddy brown. Beyond this variation in color, some tiles may exhibit some hairline cracks or tiny chips (don’t worry, every tile is sealed by hardened enamel), byproducts of the traditional method of kiln-firing each of these terracotta tiles undergo. This shower shows that the variation present in Natural White creates a wonderfully rustic appearance that remains practical.

As popular as white zellige tile is, there are actually many different colors and shades of the Moroccan tile, with a spectrum of colors that dates back hundreds of years. We offer colors that merge the neutrality you’d get with white zellige with darker shades. For example, our Iron Grey zellige, seen here in 2×6:


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We always enjoy exercises in simplicity, because they really give the decor choices from the designer space to shine! This bathroom vanity puts the simple charm of our Iron Grey Moroccan zellige tile on full display, allowing the color and glimmering glaze to be the focal point. Unlike many of our other colors of zellige, Iron Grey is more consistent in its color. Though there is some variation in color that might skew toward darker grey or the natural terracotta color that is underneath every zellige tile, most of our Iron Grey is relatively uniform in color, making it perfect for designers that want a bit more control over their zellige application. 

This bathroom’s simple fixtures and light natural wood cabinets are straightforward and uncomplicated, setting the stage perfectly for the Iron Grey zellige. The zellige here adds just a touch of complexity, with the glaze creating a slight shine on the tiles. Additionally, this backsplash provides a dark balance against the white walls and light wood, resulting in a well-blended space. 

This designer’s focus on simplicity gives every single decor decision made in this bathroom time in the spotlight. From the elegance of the grey zellige to the light tan wood to the fun lighting fixtures, nothing goes unnoticed in a balanced space like this.

As subtly interesting as the Iron Grey zellige bathroom is, it’s always good to remember that simplicity doesn’t necessarily have to be understated. Large, bold applications of tiling are just suited to spaces with simpler color schemes as they are more complicated rooms. Take this kitchen for example, which uses our 2×6 Snow zellige:


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This counter-to-ceiling backsplash is nothing if not prominent. Making itself known in a large portion of this kitchen, the zellige here acts as part of the classic white-on-white color scheme, which is accented by touches of color present in the decor, fixtures, and appliances. 

Even in perhaps our simplest color, Moroccan zellige tile has a way of making a statement. The delicate Snow offers tinges of very light tan, off-white, and even a bluish hue depending on the lighting and adjacent decor. There are a lot of possibilities present in Snow, which may explain its popularity. Alongside its warmer cousin, Natural White, our Snow zellige is among our most popular offerings, with new designers ordering it every single day. We have applications and designers like this to thank for its popularity, as the true beauty of this variety of zellige is exposed through its use in making spaces that exhibit the designer’s personal tastes. This designer’s preference for soft but bright spaces is on display in this kitchen, with its multiple shades of white and spots of color from decor. The style is immaculate, the execution is perfect, and we are quite impressed with everything we see here!

A lot of what we’ve looked at today has been from our white and grey color palette, but remember, Moroccan zellige tile is known for many exciting colors, and when these colors are used by skilled designers, they can have an awesome effect: 


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There’s nothing better than floor-to-ceiling zellige, especially on multiple walls like this shower. Using our 2×6 Forest Green zellige tile, this designer built an exceptional shower that exudes verdant radiance. Zellige applications like this one are what keep us going, as they show the Moroccan tile in its best form. Take a moment to take in the multiple shades of green present on the shower walls. In each tile, you can see the artisan handcrafting that leads to such wild and exciting results. Zellige isn’t just a glazed tile, it’s centuries of tradition and perfection, making a new home for itself in the US. 

Moroccan Tile for Your Home

If you’re interested in any of the zellige you saw in the previous posts, don’t hesitate to order a sample anytime! We work hard to keep our handcrafted zellige in ready supply, so we can ship samples and full orders directly to your front door.