Moroccan Cement Tile: Countless Styles

Interior design can be tricky to figure out. At its most basic level, interior design is about making your home look good, but the more you explore your options, the more complicated designing your own space becomes. Certain colors can make a room feel small, while certain patterns can leave a space feeling large, cold, and empty. Subtle additions, such as new light fixtures, might completely change the feel of a room. Depending on its location in your home, a room is even subject to different appearances based on the time of day. For example, if your kitchen has an east-facing window and marble countertops, it’s going to seem a great deal more spacious and vibrant in the morning when the countertops are illuminated by the rising sun. That said, gorgeous interior design is far from unattainable, especially when you use Moroccan cement tile. This stunning variety of tile provides numerous opportunities for interior designers of every level to explore.

Though putting together a well-designed room can be difficult to master, the results usually speak for themselves. Many of our customers have used our Moroccan cement tile to achieve some utterly astounding spaces, all of which are unique to the personal tastes of their designer. We’ve seen delicate touches of texture added by strategically-placed cement tile as well as much larger applications that completely transform the room.

Regardless of your space’s size, shape, purpose, or style, we believe that you should be able to build the space that you want to build. In fact, every decision we at Riad Tile make is aimed at helping you accomplish your interior design goals. We offer a wide selection of some of the world’s finest designs in encaustic cement tile. From classic patterns rooted in centuries of tradition to modern, stylish forms crafted by visionary artisans, we have a tile for every setting, giving you the power to choose the perfect one for you.

A Practical and Elegant Choice for Bathrooms

Despite its historic, Old World roots, Moroccan cement tile has proven to be a popular, stylish, and practical choice for bathrooms in homes of nearly any style. The dose of rich color and vibrant patterns from these encaustic tiles can be used to break up the monotony that is often commonplace in bathrooms due to the typical uniformity of the toilet, sink, and tub.

Beyond adding color and texture, cement tiles are an incredibly practical choice for your bathroom. These naturally water-resistant tiles hold up extraordinarily well against high-stress, high-moisture areas, like showers and bathroom floors, and are quite easy to clean. Additionally, they are cold-cured, making them remarkably durable compared to other styles of tile. On the outside chance that a tile is cracked or broken, it can be easily replaced.

In bathrooms large and small, our cement tile can be used to serve many purposes. Maybe you’d like to add a bit of color? Tiles like our rosy Sol Pink are the perfect solution.

This smaller bathroom is the perfect place to see our cement tile in action because there’s little more than a few accent pieces adorning the room (not that there’s anything wrong with simplicity at all!). Between the white fixtures and walls, this bathroom was an ideal candidate for a significant addition of color. This customer clearly has excellent vision for design, using our vivacious Sol Pink to add color, texture, and contrast to this small bathroom and even adding a matching shower curtain. This bathroom proves that smaller spaces can and should be gorgeous and interesting!

Larger bathrooms can also benefit from the addition of Moroccan cement tile, as they provide ample space for the hypnotic patterns to look their absolute best.

This larger space’s white countertops and grey walls provide the perfect opportunity to use one of our most popular cement tiles, Estrella Black. This tile makes use of the classic contrast of rich, deep black pattern on an off-white background to accentuate its classic design. In this bathroom, the designer uses Estrella Black’s simplicity to unify the different parts of the bathroom into one cohesive space.  

Though these two bathrooms are quite different, they exhibit the power of cement tile extraordinarily well, showcasing the power of color and texture when creating a distinctive space. 

Bringing the Kitchen Together

With numerous fixtures and features to match and contrast, Moroccan cement tile makes a truly unique home in the kitchen, and because of the stylistic variety we offer, there is an option for nearly any kitchen. From classic mid-century spaces to sleek, modern homes, you can use cement tile to add a finishing touch where it counts the most. 

We tend to think of the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a place where friends and family can gather, enjoy a meal, and spend time together. It’s where you go for nourishment and comfort. With this in mind, we believe that you should be able to create a space that is compatible with your vision of comfort and style. Each and every person has a unique idea of what makes them feel most at home, and we seek to cultivate this by providing a multitude of options to accommodate different tastes.

Cement tiles serve an interesting purpose in the kitchen, as they are often used to create larger, and more heavily featured applications rather than accent pieces. When cement tile is added to the kitchen, it’s not usually meant to be subtle. Instead, it functions as a bold proclamation of personal style. Take this Erizo Blue kitchen backsplash, for example:

This addition really takes an already stunning kitchen to the next level. With its white countertops and cabinets masterfully contrasted by the lively blue island, this kitchen is the perfect place for Erizo Blue. Our Erizo Blue cement tile is among the more intricate and classically-inspired varieties of tile that we offer, with a hypnotic pattern that intermixes two shades of  blue and a rich, off-white background. This tile is well-suited for large applications like this one, where the gorgeous pattern can be fully appreciated as it adds a sense of movement to this kitchen. This tile really brings together every feature of this kitchen, from the brass fixtures and chrome appliances to the white-blue color scheme that this customer masterfully pieced together. 

Where some kitchen exude complexity and boldness that must have a tile to match, others are simpler and more rustic. Cement tile enhances simpler spaces by adding an alternate texture that brings out the finer details present in simpler decor, as seen in this kitchen:

This kitchen is an absolute masterclass in simple, classic design. From the natural wood finish to the sleek island, this entire kitchen exhibits the art of subtlety through and through. In this context, our more modern Maya White cement tile may seem an odd choice. After all, this kitchen is on the simpler side, so a complicated design could seem out of place. But as you can see, this customer used Maya White as a means to accentuate the clean, straightforward beauty of this space. The off-white color of this tile softens this kitchen’s bright light, while the intricate pattern contrasts the natural simplicity of the wood finish, allowing the beauty of both the tiles and the rest of the kitchen decor to flourish.

Maya White’s maze-like appearance is owed to a multitude of angles meticulously handcrafted into each tile by our master artisans. On an individual basis, this tile has a fairly simplistic appearance, but when placed in a full application, Maya White springs to life, proving its place among our more complex tiles. Maya White can actually be configured in different ways, leading to completely different patterns depending on how it’s placed.  

Moroccan cement tile is an outstanding choice for kitchens of many styles. Additionally, its water resistance and ease of cleaning makes it an excellent candidate for standing up to food or water spatters. Cement tile is an amazing amalgam of practicality and beauty, making it the ultimate tile for stylish kitchens.

Bold or Subtle Options

Though they owe a great deal to their centuries-old Moroccan roots, many varieties of modern encaustic cement tile exhibit some stylistic updates. These newer designs should be considered “classically-inspired” rather than direct parallels to ancient Moroccan tiles, as they take many stylistic cues from later trends as well. These more modern tiles are an excellent way to add a twist on classic decor, such as in this bathroom:

Here, we see our bold Vertex Black being used as a pair to the classic clawfoot and subway tile combo. This bathroom transforms the tried-and-true black-and-white color scheme into something fascinating and new. This demonstrates that modern designs, like Vertex Black, can be used to great effect in traditional spaces, adding the touch of modern flair required to really bring the classic design into the modern era. 

The boldness of Vertex Black is just one option that can be used to enhance a traditional space. We also have many delicate options that add a subtle dose of color texture, which you can use to elevate your space strategically. Regardless of what you choose to use, we provide you with the options you need to build the space of your dreams!

Classic Design Meets the Modern Home

Choosing the right tile for your home can seem a bit daunting, especially when you’re faced with numerous tiles of all styles.The good news is that cement tile can and has been used in so many different settings that there are plenty of examples that you can pull inspiration from! You might want to include a vibrant green backsplash, as seen in this Nola Kelly bathroom backsplash:

This gorgeous bathroom, or something like it, is completely attainable. A few updated fixtures and maybe some new mirrors, and you’re well on your way to creating your own unique space. All it takes is a few steps in the right direction and a bit of inspiration. Almost any home can enjoy the benefits brought to the table by cement tile, and yours is no exception. If you’re unsure of what most interests you, just order a few samples, so you can envision your new space in person. 

Explore Cement Tile in Our Showrooms

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Riad Tile’s Moroccan Cement Tile

At Riad Tile, everything we offer is designed to provide our customers with what they need to create their ideal tile application. Each and every one of our cement tiles are handmade by artisans who specialize in the craft of cement tile. They are individually crafted, cold-cured, and inspected for quality before ever hitting shelves to ensure that you get exactly what you need to build the space of your dreams. If you’re interested in seeing out tiles in person, please visit one of the showroom locations listed above or order a sample directly to your door of any of our cement tiles.