Modern Uses of Rustic Terrazzo Tile

When you hear the words “Terrazzo Tile,” it’s likely that one of two things come to mind. For some of you, this tile brings to mind an image of traditional Old World tiling, well-preserved in some quaint Italian village perhaps. However, for many people, terrazzo tile has a far less romantic connotation. To those of you who fit into this camp, you probably think of the cheap terrazzo-style tile that was used for the flooring in the cinderblock-lined hallways of your highschool, or you may be reminded of the grey-on-grey terrazzo that was once placed in nearly every major retail space. Cheap terrazzo and terrazzo lookalikes have long marred the image of high-quality terrazzo, reducing what was once an incredible stylistic statement rooted in Italian design to a common, plain-looking floor tile, but in the last few years, higher quality terrazzo has made something of a comeback. 

Premium terrazzo tile has surged in popularity over the last couple of years, because when crafted properly using good materials, it can be an utterly stunning addition to any space. From smaller bathrooms that just need a touch of texture to upscale office spaces and lobbies that need something both durable and elegant, terrazzo tile is versatile enough to be used for an incredible variety of purposes. 

Thanks to the use of natural materials and pigmentation, Riad Tile’s high-quality terrazzo tile exhibits an amazing contrast between the clean solid-color background and delicately tinted stones and pebbles sprinkled throughout. Our terrazzo tile is designed to offer the best qualities of this classic style in a modern format that doesn’t have any of the pitfalls commonly associated with cheap terrazzo. Each of our terrazzo tiles are individually handcrafted by artisan tilemakers with a keen eye for design and quality, ensuring that every piece we sell is up to our high standards. 

We offer two stunning varieties of terrazzo tile, each with its own strengths and purposes: elegant, eye-catching Terrazzo Black and delicate, subtle Terrazzo White

Terrazzo Tile: An Oft-Overlooked Classic

Within the world of interior design, getting the classics right can sometimes be a bit tricky. Even if your decor piece looks amazing on its own, it still needs to blend with the rest of the space. Otherwise, even the most interesting piece will look out of place, causing your space to take on a disjointed appearance.

Terrazzo tile excels at creating well-blended, unified spaces through the use of both obvious or subdued contrast. Obvious contrast, as seen in our Terrazzo Black tile, might be used in a space that makes use of disparate colors, such as a kitchen with white walls and black appliances or a bathroom with darker fixtures and lighter-colored walls. In these cases, Terrazzo Black is used to blend the different shades, uniting light and dark using the contrast between its own light-colored pebbles and the deep black tile surface. With its neutral color palette, Terrazzo Black is an excellent candidate for an assortment of different spaces and styles.

Where Terrazzo Black is used to unite disparate styles and colors into a single, fascinating space, Terrazzo White is used to accentuate the finer points of any given room. Significantly subtler than Terrazzo Black, Terrazzo White features a soft white background spotted with light brown, tan, and light grey pebbles that add just a touch of color. This gentle addition of color gives our Terrazzo White a unique appearance that fits well into a diverse array of different settings. It can be used to brighten up dim, richly colorful spaces with its delicate white coloration, or soften bright, stark rooms using the gentle, understated contrast for which this style is well-renowned.

Both Terrazzo Black and Terrazzo White have their own strengths and can be used to create stylish, interesting spaces in many different styles. Each of our handcrafted terrazzo tiles is as unique as the project to which it is applied.

Our Handcrafted Terrazzo Tile

Like we mentioned above, over the last 50 years or so, terrazzo has gained an unfortunate and misinformed reputation for being the “cheap option”. Though there are many gorgeous examples of terrazzo tile all over the US, many people still associate the tile with mass production and bland spaces designed purely for function. At Riad Tile, we’ve seen some simply stunning applications of terrazzo in a wide variety of different settings, ranging from mid-century to contemporary. Terrazzo exhibits a versatility not commonly seen in many other styles of tile, allowing this tile to occupy different roles in different settings.

Because we have seen the myriad of possibilities of what can be done with terrazzo, all of us Riad Tile work hard to make tiles that fully showcase the natural beauty present in the timeless style of terrazzo. Our handmade terrazzo tile is built using similar methods as our encaustic cement tile; each tile is composed of a mix of fine Portland cement, coarse sand and cement, and pigmentation. Each of these materials are precisely layered, one after another, by our craftsmen. After the layers are poured and the tile is of the proper color, the mix of pebbles and stones that give terrazzo its color and texture is sprinkled throughout. Each tile is then hand-pressed, carefully inspected for consistency, and sent off to cold cure for several weeks. Riad Tile’s dedication to quality and making things by hand has given us complete control over our tiles. Each tile passes through multiple phases of development and inspection, allowing us to be sure that each one meets our high standards.

Our terrazzo tile is designed to feature all the best aspects that the style has to offer. Both of our available colors demonstrate contrast in their own distinct ways, with the White Terrazzo delivering a soft but lively feel capable of gently brightening a space and our Black Terrazzo making a bold, striking statement without sacrificing nuance. While these tiles are nearly exact opposites in color, they can be used to serve a similar purpose: adding just a touch of contrast, breaking up any and all monotony. 

Durable yet Charming

Terrazzo is truly a multi-faceted style of tile with a multitude of strengths. In a stylistic sense, terrazzo has proven an incredible versatility and subtle stylistic strength that allows it to be used for a wide variety of purposes in many different settings, but our terrazzo shines on a practical level as well. 

A large part of terrazzo’s popularity is due to its durability. When properly cared for, terrazzo tile can easily last for decades, making it a fairly common choice for high traffic, high stress areas such as lobbies and break rooms in public settings, or kitchens and showers in the home. High-quality terrazzo stands up well to water, is easily cleaned, and is sturdy enough to handle heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, and Riad Tile’s handcrafted terrazzo is no exception. In fact, our terrazzo sets the standard for durability. 

Our handcrafted terrazzo tile is designed to maximize the sturdiness of each individual tile, guaranteeing that your application will last as long as you need. Our terrazzo features a rugged layered cement build that stands up fantastically to liquids and physical wear alike. Our individually handcrafted tilemaking process allows us the high level of quality control that is needed to make sure that each tile is built for maximum durability.

At Riad Tile, we believe that you should be able to expect the best from your application, so we spend our efforts on ensuring that each of our terrazzo tiles are as sturdy as possible. Your tile application should be able to stand up to whatever life throws at it, whether that means food splatters on a terrazzo tile backsplash, soap scum in shower, or the constant foot traffic of a public place. Wherever you choose to place your tile, you can be sure that your Riad terrazzo tile will be able to handle just about anything.

Customization for Larger Projects

Though our Terrazzo Black and Terrazzo White are excellent options for most spaces, let’s not forget that variety is the spice of life! That’s why Riad Tile offers custom terrazzo tile that can be crafted according to your specifications at reasonable prices that are determined by your order. Riad Tile’s custom terrazzo tile is crafted using the same methods as our standard terrazzo, but using the materials and natural pigments you choose to create your perfect terrazzo tile.

Terrazzo tile has a unique look that pairs exceptionally well with customization. When you order custom terrazzo with Riad Tile, you start by selecting a background color. Each of our available colors is made up of a blend of natural pigments that we mix to bring about the perfect level of vibrance and depth. We offer 104 distinct colors in our palette, ranging from bright blues and rich greens to soft tans and delicate greys. 

Once you’ve selected a background color, we will send you a carefully curated selection of different pebble varieties to provide you with the best options for your tile. Remember that within these pebble varieties, there is always some degree of variation, which is a large part of the charm of terrazzo tile.

Riad Tile’s custom terrazzo must be ordered in a quantity of 150 square feet or more. Each order takes between 12 and 14 weeks to complete, as making the tiles individually and cold-curing them takes time. Custom terrazzo is perfect for any large-scale orders, such as new office spaces, waiting areas and lobbies, and larger kitchens. If you are interested in starting a custom order, take a look at our color palette to get an idea of what you might want, then reach out to us. We’ll guide you through the process and help you explore your options to create the perfect custom terrazzo tile for your space.

Start Your Perfect Project Today!

At Riad Tile, our goal is to provide you with the materials you need to build exactly the space you want. We want nothing more than to provide you with the decor you need to add a dose of your own personal style to your new space, because we believe that the best spaces are the ones in which your creativity and vision stand out. We work hard to curate a collection of unique styles of tile to give you the variety needed to build more than simply a gorgeous tile application, but a gorgeous tile application with personality

When you explore our options, we hope that you’ll give close thought to what you feel best represents your personal tastes. Our offerings cover a wide variety of different styles, so let your imagination run wild while you peruse our tile. Think of how different tiles will hit the natural lighting in your room or how it will contrast or match your appliances. What you end up creating may just be something entirely unique and never-before-seen. 

No matter where you are planning your project or what sort of space you are trying to make, Riad Tile’s Terrazzo Black, Terrazzo White, or custom terrazzo tile can help you create your dream space. If you are interested in seeing our terrazzo tile in person, please feel free to order some samples today, and we’ll ship them directly to your door. If you are interested in custom terrazzo tile for an application 150 square feet or larger, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you to create something completely unique to you.