Meet Our New for 2019 Cement Tiles!

There are few things we love more than unveiling brand new, handcrafted pieces to our customers. From tiles with classic inspiration steeped in decades or even centuries of tradition to sleek and stylistically modern tiles crafted to make a room stand out, we offer a wide variety of different tiles to give our customers the options needed to craft their perfect space, because we recognize that not everyone has the same taste. The addition of a patterned cement tile floor in a large kitchen with ample natural light might be the perfect addition for one person, while another may prefer simpler and more subdued application, such as snow zellige or even marble subway tile backsplash. The point is, everyone has their own unique style, and by offering a wide array of selections, we are able to see our customers enjoy something wholly unique to them. The opportunity to make something completely new in home decor doesn’t exactly present itself very often, but when you add an application of cement tile, creating a unique space becomes a whole lot easier.

Over the last year, we have introduced our own spin on elegant marble, classic zellige, and distinctive terrazzo tiles, but we still absolutely love the inimitable style of cement tile. So much so in fact, that we’ve released three brand new patterns just this month! 

One of our favorite things about cement tile how unique each style is, and our new releases reflect this extraordinary distinctiveness in the best possible ways. Whether you find yourself drawn to the classic, delicate patterns of Charlotte Grey, the bold lines of Trident Blue, or the fascinating and versatile Shades Black, you can be sure that the tile you select and how you choose to use it will make for a space that is particular to your tastes.

New Designs for 2019

At Riad Tile, we work hard to constantly update our product line with new and exciting designs as often as we possibly can, because we enjoy putting our artistry and craftsmanship to work building pieces that people love. Many of our customers have mentioned that they find our creations to be inspiring, allowing them to truly explore their personal preferences when designing their home. This incredibly encouraging feedback in turn inspires us to continue to create and offer up innovative new tiles regularly. We’ve already introduced several new cement tiles in 2019 (so far!), and three new tiles in the last month alone! Each of our tiles is designed by local artisans who are absolute masters of their craft.

Charlotte Grey

Created in a similar vein to our Emma Grey cement tile, Charlotte Grey is a delicate, gentle design that borrows heavily from the classic old-world encaustic tile of.Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. This elegant tile is carefully handcrafted to ensure that even the most minute details are consistent. Once applied, this dedication to consistency leads to a positively stunning tapestry that is certain to impress anyone who sees it. Even with its intricate design, Emma Grey is perfect for a wide variety of spaces and applications due to its clean, neutral color palette. The soft greys add just the perfect tinge of light to a room without seeming stark or harsh in any way.

Trident Blue

Another of our new releases this year, Trident Blue is designed with boldness in mind first and foremost. This amazing tile features a deep, rich blue hue that we craft using our own blend of natural pigmentation. Trident Blue’s design is quite simple, with three solid lines emerging from a nexus at the base of tile, but as you see in this recent application, Trident Blue’s simplicity is definitely a strength. Simpler designs, like Trident Blue, truly shine after application, revealing the entrancing patterns that this hexagonal style is known for. Trident Blue can be oriented in different ways to reveal different patterns depending on how it’s placed.

Shades Black

Shades Black is wholly unique tile that takes a more modern approach in its design. The result of experimentation with newer styles and some fascinating patterns, Shades Black is the perfect tile for modern spaces and designers who are interested in pioneering and trying something new. Depending on how it is oriented during application, this tile creates the potential for a wide array of unique pattern possibilities. With a deep black coloration augmented by contrasting white stripes, Shades Black is bold without sacrificing the neutrality needed to fit in different settings. So to all you design pioneers out there, if you’re looking for the next piece to inspire some completely new ideas, look no further than Shades Black.

These newly-released tiles are an excellent example of variety. Each tile is completely different from the other, with distinct colors, shapes, and patterns. We tend to draw inspiration from many different eras of art and design, allowing us to explore different possibilities through new spins on old designs. While we enjoy creating these new designs, what really brings us happiness is seeing how our customers choose to use them. We’ve seen our customers create spectacular applications using our tiles, some of which far exceed our expectations on how that particular tile can be used. We are immensely proud of customers, their talent for design, and the incredible taste that makes these astounding applications possible.

Classically Inspired

As we mentioned above, we at Riad Tile pull our influences and inspiration from throughout history. Cement tile has been crafted across multiple cultures for hundreds of years, with modern incarnations using these influences to craft something new. Throughout the last several decades, cement tiles have existed in one form or another, oddly proving to be nearly impervious to the stylistic changes in home decor that seem to happen once every 5 to 10 years. Encaustic cement tiles can be found in use in the U.S. dating back nearly a century, with some version appearing consistently throughout generations.

Riad Tile’s classically-inspired options aren’t limited to appearances in mid-century homes (though they often work incredibly well there!). We’ve seen these often more intricate tiles placed in modern spaces across the stylistic spectrum, usually resulting in the welcome addition of texture to otherwise simple spaces. A splash of style from classic patterned cement tile complements modern decor fabulously, enhancing the elegant simplicity commonly present in that style.

This use of Havana Black is an excellent example of how classic visuals can accentuate a modern space.

Havana Black is designed based on classic Cuban cement tiles, with clear influences dating back decades. It may seem a bit strange that such an old design looks perfectly at home in a room that features white cabinets and subway tiles, but as you can see, the Havana Black tiles serve to enhance the clean visuals while becoming something of a focal point for the space.

In more classic, mid-century style homes, our cement tile is perfectly in its element! We offer a wide variety of vibrant colors that we make out of natural, hand-mixed pigments, so you can find the perfect match for your space.

Taking a Modern Approach

Cement tile has a lot of qualities that make for an excellent flooring or backsplash material, one of which is versatility. Using time-tested building methods that have been in practice for decades, we are able to craft tile in a wide array of different styles. This enables us to make classic, delicate patterns as well as our own modern designs, sometimes merging the two to create something fascinating in between. That said, modern cement tiles often prioritize simplicity, focusing instead on how the pattern looks in an application, alongside dozens of the same tile.

Take for example, this absolutely lovely Nola Black bathroom.

Nola Black itself is an incredibly simple hexagonal tile. It’s a black background with 5 offshooting lines. This simple design is incredibly effective when grouped, creating a nearly hypnotic visual that contributes to the creation of this dark and dramatic space. This black tile even matches the dark blue tile of the shower, thanks to the hint of light provided by its thin, white lines.

On the lighter side of things, we have this stellar example of contrast between light and dark through the use of our Bowen Tile.

This space features stark white fixtures and soft white walls and is just waiting for that perfect element of contrast to be applied, bringing the whole room together. This gorgeous space is made complete through the expert placement of the Bowen Tile, which prominently features the element of contrast itself. The deep black pigmentation gives way to soft greys and whites, perfectly transitioning the tile into the surrounding decor.

No matter the style of your home, we at Riad Tile strive to provide you with the perfect tile to finish out your ideal space. Whether you’re hoping to create a visually distinct focal point or accentuate your current decor, our cement tile can help you achieve your goals and create your perfect space.

Choosing the Perfect Cement Tile for Your Home

After seeing these examples and options, you might be wondering, “What should I consider for my home?” As you can see on our product page, we offer a lot of different options, but that doesn’t mean that cement tiles are perfect for every space. If you have a room with many prominent design elements, adding a patterned cement tile floor may not be the best option for you (we have many simpler tiling options if this is the case). However, in most cases, we have a cement tiling option for that is perfect for you, you might just have to explore the options a bit to find the perfect one.

So take a moment consider what might look best in your home. Think about the color of your walls and cabinets and the materials that make up your appliances and fixtures. If it applies, think about what your countertops and backsplash are made of. Now think about the room’s lighting. Does it receive ample natural light from a skylight or large windows, or is it an interior room lit only by lighting fixtures? All of this should figure prominently into your decision.

Now take a moment to think about your personal goals and tastes. Do you enjoy a lighthearted space with bright and vivacious visuals, or do you prefer this space to be darker and more contemplative? Do you enjoy active and noticeable decor, would you enjoy something more subtle and out-of-the-way? The more you think critically about your personal tastes, the more likely it is that you’ll find something you absolutely adore, so don’t be afraid to really spend some time thinking it over.

Finally, once you have an idea of what you want, take the time to order a few samples of the different tiles you’re interested in. Even if you find yourself swinging wildly between ‘bright and lively’ and ‘dark and complex’, when you order samples, you’ll be able to narrow down your tastes once you see the tiles in person. We recommend that order several tiles when purchasing samples, that way you can get a clear picture of what a full application might look like.

Elevate Your Home with a Cement Tile Floor

At Riad Tile, we work hard to give you what you need to exercise your decor vision. No matter which tile you ultimately choose, the ability to create a space all your own is all yours. So whether you’re redoing your kitchen with a cement tile floor or revamping your bathroom with a brand new shower, we hope we were able to help you find the perfect tile to fit your personal style.

If you have any questions at all about our tiles, how they’re made, what they’re made of, how to apply them, or where they can be applied, please feel to visit our FAQ or contact us.

Your dream space awaits! Take the time peruse our tiles and order a sample today!