Marble Tile Bathrooms That Inspire Us

Have you ever seen a bathroom that just amazed you? One that instantly seemed almost impossible to achieve, like something that was designed by an expert exclusively to be photographed? As a supplier of unique varieties of tile, we come across stunning bathrooms pretty frequently. As stylistically diverse as our customers tend to be, the best bathrooms all have one thing in common: use of high quality materials. While there are certainly ways to avoid unnecessary costs, ultimately it’s always best to build something with solid materials than to buy something lackluster then end up replacing it a few years down the road, either because the material fell out of style or simply wore down over time and use. 

That being said, we’re definitely aware that the best materials are usually harder to get. Whether they are cost-prohibitive or simply not easy to find, building materials that are both unique and attractive often aren’t easily accessible to the average person. That’s where Riad Tile comes in.

At Riad Tile, we make it our mission to provide the best prices on the best materials, that way you can get exactly what you want for your home without cutting corners. Our selections include a variety of handmade Moroccan tile and even authentic marble tile, made affordable through our strategic partnerships. 


Authentic Marble Tile

Our marble subway tile offers the best aspects of marble combined with the flexible format of tiling. As gorgeous as marble slabs are, they can be quite delicate, expensive, and costly to install. Marble subway tiles offer the same elegant look you can only get from real marble but are much easier to install and are less expensive than slabs. Moreover, by using individual tiles, you get a unique pattern, as the veining and color variations are divided across tiles instead of in a single continuous pattern. 


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Bright white bathroom with beautiful wood vanity. Designed by @rtdesignsf. ⁠ They used our Casablanca Carrara Marble. On the floor is 6×12 and the wall is 1×4 Herringbone. ⁠ Casablanca Carrara is our most popular marble and the best marble you can find at a reasonable price. ⁠ ⁠ #riadtile #riadtilemarble #riadtilecasablancacarrara #casablancacarrara612riadtile #casablancacarraraherringboneriadtile #riadtilecasablancacarrara612 #riadtilecasablancacarraradiamond #whitemarble #carraramarble #marbleshower #bathroomsofinsta #bathroomsofinstagram @bathrooms_of_insta #bathroomideas #whitebathroom #houzz #eldecor #sodomino

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This bathroom is an excellent example of the brightness of our marble tile and the vibrance it lends to any space. This bathroom’s flooring is composed of 6×12 Casablanca Carrara Subway Tile, which offers a simple, solid reprieve contrasting the intricate 1×4 Herringbone Casablanca Carrara adorning the shower walls. These two varieties of tile, despite being made of the same type of marble, contrast each other’s patterns quite well, something that would’ve been sorely lacking had the designer decided to go with marble slabs. 

The Casablanca Carrara also brings the different elements comprising this bathroom together, its soft greys serving to match the silver fixtures and wall sconce while delicately transitioning the stark white walls to something softer.

While the above bathroom boasts cool colors and precise style, our marble subway tile isn’t exclusive to spaces that exhibit those qualities:


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New shipment of our Casablanca Carrara Marble just arrived and we are back in stock in most of these beautiful white marble tile sizes and shapes. ⁠ ⁠ Pictured is a beautiful shower from @fairmonthomesllc. On the shower all they used the 6×12 and on the floor the Diamond Mosaic Casablanca Carrara. ⁠ ⁠ #riadtile #riadtilemarble #riadtilecasablancacarrara #riadtilecasablancacarrara612 #riadtilecasablancacarraradiamond #whitemarble #carraramarble #marbleshower #bathroomsofinsta #bathroomsofinstagram @bathrooms_of_insta #bathroomideas #whitebathroom #houzz #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodel #sodomino # #interiordesign #homedecor #currentdesignsituation #mydomaine #interiors #design

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This bathroom is made significantly warmer simply by the presence of natural light. Marble tends to reflect any light that touches it, so warmer light brings out warmer colors. This designer clearly saw the potential for warmer colors for this bathroom and used rustic brassy fixtures to match, creating a comfortable and sunny space. Switching things up from the last shower, this shower uses marble subway tile for the walls and marble mosaic tile for the floors (6×12 Casablanca Carrara Subway Tile and Diamond Mosaic Casablanca Carrara, respectively). Since the walls receive more light from the high window, using the larger blocks of the subway tile was a brilliant way of capturing the available sunlight and making the most of marble’s reflective glimmer.

As classic and gorgeous as marble subway tile is, some of you might be more interested in something bolder and more colorful. You might think that marble tile might not be the best way to achieve this, but there are some lesser known varieties of marble that have all the color you could possibly want. Take our Norwegian Rose marble subway tile for example:


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Tag a friend who needs some Norwegian Rose Marble.⁠ @eclectic_twist used our 6×12 Norwegian Rose Marble on the bathroom wall here.⁠ ⁠ Repost from @eclectic_twist⁠ Definitely the DIY I’m the most proud of. ❤⁠ ⁠ Our bathroom was an intense experience that I’m not gonna lie, was extremely overwhelming and loaded with moments of “can we really do all this?” ⁠ ⁠ Having completed it though, everything else I want to DIY doesn’t seem so bad 😂⁠ ⁠ Here’s to DIY! 🥂 ⁠ ⁠ #livecolorfully #bohemiandecor #bohemianhome #Howyouwow #apartmenttherapy #myinterior #inmydomaine #showemyourstyled #lonnyliving #sodomino #myhousebeautiful #mycovetedhome #interiors444 #interiorwarrior #interior123 #bathroomrenovation #ashleytstark #bathroominspo #myeclecticstyle #riadtile #pinkmarble #norwegianrose612riadtile #norwegianrosemarble

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Seen here in 6×12, our Norwegian Rose marble subway tile offers a wholly unique look that few people stateside even know exists. This variety of marble only reached US designers in the last couple of years, but it is already slowly growing more popular in all sorts of projects. This bold bathroom, designed by Eclectic Twist, features numerous fascinating uses of tile, and a couple of Norwegian Rose installations that proved how incredible this tile is in the right setting. Norwegian Rose’s delicate pink is offset by soft greys and bright whites, creating a speckly, interesting look that belongs solely to this marble. 

Casablanca Carrara marble subway tile

Giving You the Best of the Best

Our goals are driven by a fairly simple idea: you shouldn’t have to settle. From humble half-baths to opulent master bathrooms, we believe that you deserve access to the materials you need to build something that you’re proud of and will enjoy for years to come. Too many people have to settle for lackluster spaces simply because the building supplies they really want are too costly. By providing you with better prices, we hope to help you not simply build a better bathroom or kitchen, but build a better home. One that’s unique to you and your family. 

If you’d like to see any of our tiles in person, please feel free to order a sample at any time, and we’ll ship directly to your front door.