Marble Monday: 2 Stunning Bathrooms with Our Calacatta Gold and Casablanca Carrara Tiles

It’s that time again — Marble Monday, where we showcase our customers’ stunning DIY renovations. In today’s feature, we’re highlighting two bathrooms that have been transformed using our beautiful Calacatta Gold and Casablanca Carrara marble.

Meet Jennifer Virkus

Before we unveil the stunning makeovers, let’s get to know the creative force behind these transformations. Jennifer Virkus (@making_highview_home), a passionate interior design blogger and home renovator, has a true eye for design and a knack for turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

In 2020, her Instagram had just a few hundred followers. Since then, her love for design and talent has launched her account into the stratosphere with more than 326K followers.

With a keen sense of style and attention to detail, Jennifer brought her vision to life in these two bathrooms.

A Calacatta Gold Bathroom Transformation


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Jennifer’s first masterpiece took shape in her upstairs bathroom, where she took Riad Tile’s Calacatta Gold and Hexagon marble tiles to create a stunning and luxurious space. From floor to ceiling, this bathroom exudes elegance and sophistication.

The natural light coming through the large window further accentuates the beauty of the Calacatta Gold marble, with its elegant veining and rich golden hues. Combining the Calacatta Gold hexagon tiles on the floor and the matching marble slabs on the shower walls creates a cohesive and visually striking design.

Paired with sleek golden fixtures and accents, this Calacatta Gold bathroom is a true work of art.

A Casablanca Carrara Bathroom Makeover


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Jennifer’s second bathroom remodel, which is in the basement level of her home, features Riad Tile’s Casablanca Carrara and Nero Marquina Hex tiles. Although this bathroom isn’t quite as grand as the first, Jennifer’s design skills shine through in its simplicity and functionality.

The clean, crisp look of the Casablanca Carrara tiles and the contrasting Nero Marquina Hex tiles create a modern and timeless aesthetic. The neutral color palette with hints of black adds depth and visual interest to the space. At the same time, the chrome fixtures and minimalist accessories create a sleek and contemporary atmosphere.

With a spacious shower area and double sinks, this Casablanca Carrara bathroom makeover is as functional as it is beautiful.

Creating a Luxe Bathroom of Your Own

Jennifer’s bathroom renovations showcase her impeccable taste and the versatility of Riad Tile’s marble tiles in creating luxurious and modern spaces. From classic white tiles to intricate veining patterns, the options are endless.

As we wrap up another Marble Monday, we hope these stunning bathroom renovations have sparked your creativity and inspired your next project.

Riad Tile’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every detail of our marble tiles. 

Whether you’re looking to elevate your bathroom or upgrade your kitchen, Riad Tile’s marble tiles are the perfect choice for creating a timeless and luxurious space.

Need help getting started? Visit our online showroom or contact our design experts for personalized guidance and recommendations. We’re here to help you bring your design vision to life.