Is Cement Tile Right for Your Home?

Over the last few years, cement tile has become more and more common in homes across the US, bringing its unique look to countless bathrooms, kitchens, and patios. Offering bold design and subtle, natural color, it’s no wonder that cement tile has become such a popular addition to the home. But as any interior designer knows, there’s a time and place for every material, and even the best piece won’t work in every scenario. This is especially true for materials like cement tile, most of which are incredibly bold and conspicuous. 

With that in mind, there are situations in which cement tile just can’t be beat, and there are others where a simpler or more conventional tile (like marble tile or the more subdued shades of zellige tile) might be preferable. With these tips, you can discern the difference for your own home!

Safi Blue cement tile

A Few Recommendation for Using Cement Tile

First things first, let’s determine what a great cement tile application looks like and what qualities it has. Most spaces that feature cement tile tend to let the tile do most of the heavy lifting, keeping the other features and fixtures present in the room as simple as possible. Take a look at this bathroom in Maui as a example:

Other than the Nola Blue accent wall, this bathroom is built using a combination of natural wood and basic tiling. By keeping the rest of the space simple, this designer avoided putting clashing patterns together in one space, keeping the bathroom simple with just a dash of flavor added by the cement tile. This brings us to the first recommendation for a space that welcomes cement tile’s look: Avoid Clashing Patterns. It might seem obvious, but even a fairly understated pattern clash can be risky and difficult to pull off. With something as bold as cement tile, it’s important to give the application space, which in turn keeps the room from looking overcomplicated and confused. Of course, there are bound to be exceptions to this, so determining what works for your space is ultimately up to your preferences. 

Maya Black cement tile

As exciting as the prospect of adding cement tile to your home can be, it can sometimes be hard to choose the perfect tile. Do you go with something bold and forward-thinking like Shades Black? Or perhaps something lively and more traditional, such as Erizo Blue? Choosing the tile for your space can depend on a myriad of different factors, ranging from personal preferences to the lighting of a given room to the color of appliances and fixtures. Because so much goes into renovating a room, we always like to remind our customers Draw Inspiration from Other Designers. Seeing how other people are using the materials that interest you can spark your own set of new ideas and help you think outside the box.

As sturdy as encaustic cement tiles are, they do require specific installation and maintenance. Like any other tile, cement tiles require care if you want them to last and look their best, but the process of installing and caring for your cement tile is a bit different than other tiling. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your cement tile is improperly sealing it. As we mentioned above, cement tiles are slightly porous, so you absolutely must apply a sealant after installation and every few years after if you want to protect your tiles from staining or water damage. For that reason, our final recommendation is Follow Installation Instructions to the Letter. Cement tiles do not require an abnormal amount of care, but there are a few specific things you need to do to care for your tile properly.

Fortunately, our helpful installation guide can give you all the information you need to properly install and care for these tiles, allowing you to enjoy your custom application.

We know these 3 recommendations seem pretty unrelated, but ultimately, our goal is to help you think about how you can add something unique to your home. There are a lot of ways you can use cement tile, so the more information you have on when and where they can be used, the more likely it is that you’ll build something that you’ll really enjoy. We want to help you build your ideal space, so we make a point to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting with this variety of tile.

Our Cement Tile Selections

As big fans and proponents of cement tile, we’ve seen this variety of tile used in homes of many different styles, as well as in some commercial applications, like restaurants. We watched as the cement tile trend took shape through trial and error, so we aspire to provide our customers with all the information needed to help them decide where and how cement tile should be used or if they should use it at all. Our primary goal has always been making top-quality materials affordable and accessible, because we think that everyone should be able to build the space of their dreams without having to substitute lesser materials. 

If you’re interested in seeing any of our cement tiles in person, all you have to do is order a sample, and we’ll ship it directly to your front door. That way, you can compare and contrast our offerings within the context of your own home!