Introducing Our New Terrazzo Tile

At Riad Tile, we’re always looking for new opportunities to expand our offerings and new ways to let our craftsmen display their creativity. With this in mind, we at Riad are proud and excited to announce that we’ll soon be offering a new style of tile: Terrazzo Tile, coming mid-December. Like our encaustic cement tile, Riad’s terrazzo tile is composed of compressed cement layers, but instead of distinct patterns, terrazzo tile features a wonderfully unpredictable and singular appearance, with each tile having a personality all its own.

Our terrazzo tile’s unique appearance is created by the addition of small pebbles, which are sprinkled into the tile immediately after the cement is poured into the mold. The tiles are then pressed similarly to our other tiles, but after each tile is pressed and dried, our tile-makers carefully sand each tile down until completely smooth. With our new terrazzo, you can expect the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship for which Riad is well known.

High-Quality, Handmade Terrazzo Tile

Our terrazzo is the perfect tile for a wide variety of applications due to its durability and neutral color palette. We offer terrazzo in 2 colors, black with white speckles and soft white with various greys and browns. These tiles are perfect for both home and commercial settings, perfectly matching or contrasting.

Terrazzo White

Subtle, subdued, and elegant, Terrazzo White is a fabulous addition to all sorts of different spaces. While the art of terrazzo has been around for centuries, our Terrazzo White is a thoroughly modern take, combining time-honored practices with modern styling and methods of production. Terrazzo White has a soft, almost delicate appearance that provides an element of grace to kitchens, bathrooms, even outdoor areas. Wherever they’re placed, these tiles create a relaxed feel.

Terrazzo Black

Where Terrazzo White is subdued, Terrazzo Black is bold and intriguing. These tiles feature a far more pronounced contrast than their white counterparts, with each of the pebbles uniquely standing out from the smooth black background. Terrazzo Black is the perfect match for high-traffic or high-strain areas, like kitchens, backsplashes, and outdoor spaces. Terrazzo Black is as striking as it is durable, as each tile is carefully crafted to ensure the highest build quality.

New Products

At Riad Tile, we absolutely love unveiling new products! We consider every new tile we create to be an opportunity to showcase our artistry. We’re incredibly proud of the artisans behind out tile’s design and creation, their attention to detail, and their ability to make something truly beautiful. Additionally, our customers prove time and time again to have amazing eyes for design, so nothing excites us more than seeing what people will do with our new offerings. Our Terrazzo Tile will be arriving in mid-December THIS YEAR (2018), so be sure you’re ready order a sample when up on our site!