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Color & Sizes

Cement tiles are handmade with natural materials and pigments.  The size, shape and color does have some variation, which is what makes cement tile so unique and beautiful.  Install tiles randomly from different boxes.

Tile Storage

Make sure all tiles are protected and properly stored leading up to installation. Leave all Cement Tiles packed until they are ready to be installed.  Exposure to sun, rain, humidity or freezing temperatures before installation may cause damage.

Tile Protection

Riad Tile cement tiles are coated with a light sealer at the factory to protect the tiles during shipping and storage.  However, this sealer is not meant to protect the tiles during or after installation.  Further sealer must be applied during the installation process.  Install with clean hands and protect tiles well during the construction process.  Writing utensil marks on the surface of the tile can be difficult to remove.

Recommended Installation Products

Recommended Grout: Mapei Flexcolor CQ
Recommended Sealer: Miracle 511 Porous Plus
Recommended Adhesive: Laticrete 253 Gold

Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean tiles regularly with a PH neutral detergent such as Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner
For occasional heavy duty cleaning use Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner (Acid Substitute)
For spot cleaning stubborn stains try Miracle Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner
Buff tiles with white pad when needed.

Watch our Video on Cement Tile Installation