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Honed Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

Calacatta Gold is considered to be one of the finest widely-available varieties of marble. With tinges of bright gold and soft grey, this vibrant white tile is known across the world for its luxurious look. Authentic Calacatta Gold marble tile is sourced directly from Italian quarries, where experts select only the finest slabs. Additionally, our Calacatta Gold tiles are honed to smooth perfection in order to accentuate the natural beauty of this renowned variety of marble. When the starting material is this gorgeous, why hide it?

Calacatta Marble Tile in Multiple Shapes

Riad Tile offers Calacatta Marble tile cut into multiple different patterns, ranging from intricate mosaic to classic subway tile. What we have available:

  • 1×4” Herringbone Mosaic
  • 2” Hexagon Mosaic
  • 5” Hexagon Mosaic
  • 12×12” Square
  • 12×12” Checkerboard Square with the classic Bardiglio Grey
  • 3×6” Subway
  • 4×12” Subway
  • 6×12” Subway
  • 12×24” Subway

At Riad Tile, our goal has always been to make fine materials accessible to everyone. By offering an array of different styles of Calacatta Gold tile, we hope to give you the tools you need to build exactly the space you want, no compromises needed. 

Why Calacatta Gold?

Marble has always been a serious statement in the home. From massive master baths to tiny accent backsplashes in the kitchen, marble always proclaims luxury without exception. But even in the luxurious world of marble, Calacatta Gold marble tile stands apart as a fine material. 

Calacatta Gold is the perfect amalgam of classic white marble and bold coloration. With the solid, vivacious white background, Calacatta Gold keeps close to the ever-popular white-marbled look that most people expect from their marble. But the electric glow of gold really makes Calacatta break the mold. The delicate-yet-powerful striations of gold illuminate this stunning tile in a truly unique way, introducing organic hues that never feel remotely gaudy. Augmenting the gold are darts of light grey that serve to soften the brightness of the marble. With all of these stunning elements combined, it’s obvious why Calacatta Gold is so incredibly sought after and why it’s considered an Italian classic.

Whether you use our honed Calacatta Gold marble tile in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, fireplace, or hall, you can be sure that when you order from Riad, you’re getting only the finest of the fine. We carefully inspect every individual tile to ensure quality and consistency before they ever hit our shelves, and we only source Calacatta directly from Italy. 

Riad Tile

Riad Tile aspires to give our customers the highest quality materials at accessible prices. By making strategic partnerships, we are able to keep our costs and prices low. Our prices on honed Calacatta Gold marble tile are among the lowest in the US, because we believe that you shouldn’t have to accept substitutions or low quality materials when you want to build your dream space. Our Calacatta marble is carefully sourced, inspected individually, and honed to a near-perfect finish.

If you’re interested in seeing our tile offerings in person, please feel free to order a sample today and we’ll ship directly to your front door. If you’re local to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, you can also stop by one of our showrooms.