Harness Our New Tumbled Marble’s Natural Beauty in Your Tile Project

Marble tile is a timeless addition to any home, but this classic natural accent is especially effective when you take advantage of all the finished looks it can offer.

Tumbled marble—a tile with a beautiful, aged finish suitable for multiple surfaces—can provide a standout backsplash or bathroom floor with advantages other marble finishes don’t offer. Read on to learn more about how tumbled marble could be the best pick for your renovation or construction project.

What Is Tumbled Marble?

Stunning tumbled marble tiles, like those now available at Riad’s Dallas store, are a versatile option for your home


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There are multiple popular types of marble finishes, but the tumbled style lends a rustic look to a space because of the tile’s unique texture. This marble tile is created by tumbling the stone with rocks, sand, and water, creating small imperfections and inconsistencies in the tile’s surface and edges. The rough finish gives the tile a natural stone look while preserving the marble’s character. 

How Is Tumbled Marble Different from Other Marbles? 

Your marble tile options generally include three popular finishes: Tumbled, honed, or polished. 

Polished marble, as the name suggests, will be shiny and slick, giving that luxury appearance you may traditionally associate with marble. Polished marble tile needs less resealing than its counterparts, as it’s treated with a protective polish coat. Its slick look means scratches show up quickly. The finish makes polished marble ideal as a statement piece in a low-traffic area — its tendency to scratch easily and be slippery means it won’t be a good pick for an area like a bathroom floor. 

Honed marble will have a slightly duller, matte finish that still allows the natural veining and pattern of the stone to shine through.


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This option is better suited for areas that get more traffic and for floors since its muted finish doesn’t show scratches or marks as easily. But because it doesn’t have the amount of treatment or sealing applied to polished marble, honed marble tile can stain and should still be treated with a fair amount of care. 


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Your tumbled marble tiles will be less slick and shiny than those with other finishes, providing a slightly vintage finish in your space. We’ll talk about potential uses for these tiles later.

When it comes to your marble tile options, put simply: 

Why Pick Tumbled Marble?

Tumbled marble tiles are a versatile tool in your renovation arsenal. Because they aren’t as slippery as polished tile, you can use them for a flooring project — they’ll just need a protective sealant and regular cleaning. They can even work in a bathroom, where polished tile would be too slick. 


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Because of its worn finish, tumbled marble also doesn’t come with concerns about visible wear and tear from scratches or scuffs. 

Tumbled marble is also ideal for adding a distressed or weathered touch to a backsplash or mosaic. The tile is stunning on its own but can also be paired with a honed or polished tile to create visual interest and texture.

Remember — the best way to discover what tumbled marble tile will look like in your space is to try it out! See your options in a showroom space and take home a sample at our Dallas store.