Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito Home: Steal Her Style For Less

It’s time for another celebrity spotlight here on the Riad Tile Blog, and this time, we’re looking at Gwyneth Paltrow’s elegant new home in Montecito, California.

Paltrow’s house is an expert example of mixing contemporary and traditional architecture and design. As she notes in her interview with Architectural Digest, its strength lies in its intention toward “the subtleties of light and space.” 

At Riad, we know that not everyone has a movie-star budget to bring their design dreams to life, so we’re here to help you replicate this marvel of style with our sustainable, affordable, handmade products. Let’s look at some of our favorite design moments from the Montecito home below. 

The Bar

In a room fit for royalty (whether you’re a Tenenbaum or not), one of our favorite pieces in Paltrow’s home is this Onyx bar designed by New York Architecture firm Roman and Williams. It’s fair to say this space is commanding, and the soft pink of the bar, interspersed with sweeping black onyx veins, is a highlight. The organic combination of pale pink, off-white, and charcoal hues found in this stone is rare. Luckily, at Riad, we have a product with this exact mixture of colors. Our Norwegian Rose Marble Tile, seen below, has the same natural colors as Paltrow’s standing stone bar with the same one-of-a-kind marble flair. 

Riad Tile is the only retailer in the United States to carry authentic Norwegian Rose Marble, and if you want to get a sample sooner than later, it’s all in stock

Paltrow also has a Black marble side table with accents of the black lines in the Onyx bar, and the black tile of her fireplace brings a further dimension to that visual line. Recreate those looks with the following products.

The Kitchen

An avid cook, Gwyneth Paltrow took extra care when working with Roman and Williams on her kitchen design. This space is airy and light while still being functional and family-minded. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring sunlight to an immaculately bright room, with white walls, cabinets, and white marble countertops. However, our favorite feature is the backsplash tile, with its pop of blue. 

We love the striking modernity of a monochromatic white space, but Paltrow’s home is all about mixing the classic and cutting-edge. This tile brings a classically rustic element that was the inspiration behind her area, and you can replicate it with some of our favorite cement tiles below. 

Cement tile is dignified, durable, and easy to clean; perfect for a kitchen backsplash. 

The Entryway

As Paltrow tells Architectural Digest in her feature article, the Georgian design prominent in London, where she lived for several years, inspired her entryway design. This entryway is traditional in the sprawling Georgian style and has clean, classic black and white checkered tile on the floor.

One of our favorite ways to experiment with Zellige (handmade tile made in Morocco by deftly-trained craftsmen) is to checker it, as seen in this Instagram post below. 


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As you can see, mixing our 4×4 Snow White Zellige and 4×4 Black Zellige creates striking results and is a great way to balance eclectic and classical styles in any one space. 

The Spa

Lest any of us forget that Paltrow is a movie star, at the end of her AD tour, she takes us downstairs to her spa. That’s right; her house has a spa. While this might be out of the reach of practicality for many of us, the sleek design of this luxurious space can easily be replicated and scaled down to any degree with our one-of-a-kind, handmade Zellige. You can reproduce the elegant tile of Paltrow’s spa and sauna with our 2×6 Snow White Zellige (or if you’re looking to capture that underwater sensation, 2×6 Sky Blue Zellige) and our Casablanca Carrara Tile on the floor. 

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Overall, Paltrow’s Montecito home is graceful and lush. We’re enamored with her design and would love to replicate her look on a budget. Luckily, with our products, that is easily within reach. Our ultimate belief is that luxury doesn’t have to be unattainable and is something we strive to make accessible every day. If you can’t jet off to Santa Barbara, we’re happy to bring the Montecito to you.  

What features of Paltrow’s home are your favorite, and which are you excited to try? Tag us in any of your projects or inspiration at @riadtile on Instagram, and let us know what you think.