Find Your Perfect Match with Our New Marble Tiles

New year, new tiles! We’ve dropped a handful of brand-new marble tiles just in time for 2023. In addition to our Casablanca Carrara, Nero Marquina and Norwegian Rose marble tiles, check out the newest members to the marble tile lineup: Bardiglio Grey, Calacatta Gold and Italian Statuary tiles. 

These three new types of marble tiles include black-and-white marble tiles, a few gray options, and just black or white tiles. All new marble tiles come in various cuts and shapes, perfect for any placement in your home. Find out what marble tile can bring to a space and which of our new products suits you! 

Bardiglio Grey 

Quarried in Italy, this marble has interchanging daubs of smoky grey and cloudy white. Bardiglio Grey marble tiles’ depth will add stunning texture to any room with 12-inch squares or 6-by-12-inch tiles.

If gray matches your space, but you don’t want completely gray marble tiles, opt for the Casablanca Carrara and Bardiglio gray marble 3-inch checkerboard tiles. Cream beautifully streaks the gray marble tiles, and the white Casablanca Carrara tiles are spotted with subtle gray. Both marble tiles bring out the intricate, unique details in the other. 

Calacatta Gold 

Calacatta Gold marble is one of the world’s most exclusive marbles, mined from a single quarry in the Carrara region of Tuscany. Delicate strands of ochre and warm grey veining decorate the Calacatta tile’s white base, and soft gold threads accentuate the depth of each tile.

This marble comes in 6-by-12-inch subway tile, 4-by-12-inch and 3-by-6-inch pieces. If bigger is better in your home, choose 12-inch squares or 12-by-24 inch Calacatta gold marble tiles instead. On the other hand, smaller herringbone mosaic tiles create more of a distinct pattern on tiled surfaces. Two-inch hexagonal tiles give the same effect, along with their 5-inch hexagon mosaic counterpart. 

Italian Statuary 

This bold white marble with grey veining is named for its use in some of history’s most famed statues and sculptures. It’s sourced from Carrara region of Italy, renowned for its marble quarries. Italian Statuary marble comes in various sizes and cuts, the same as the new Calacatta Gold marble tile. 

The Tried and True 

Of course, remember the marble tiles that inspired these new options. Casablanca Carrara marble is the epitome of timeless beauty, characterized by a pristine white base and subtle grey veining. White tile matches anything, and Casablanca Carrara marble does just that. This marble’s sleek and clean look makes it versatile and chic, perfect for any home

Nero Marquina is created when marble infuses with bitumen deep in the earth, absorbing its inky hue before being polished. A jet-black facade punctuated by streaks of white calcite defines this marble. Sleek and stylish, Nero Marquina marble’s obsidian sheen is a sophisticated addition to any space.

Eclectic Twist Bathroom 01

Last but not least is Norwegian Rose marble, quarried from the Fauske municipality in Norway. Flecks of white and grey-green streaks dapple this rose stone. Norwegian Rose’s almost-painted quality brings movement to a space with a light, airy feeling intrinsic to Scandinavian design.