Expand Your Color Palette with Cement Tile

One of the most common and unfortunate interior design misconceptions is that vibrant color has little or no place as prominent, permanent parts of large spaces. While this misconception has real roots in the more lackluster design trends of yesteryear (think pastel walls and shag carpets), the reality is that bold color is often an amazing way to create a unique space. Sure, you can add color through little bits of decor, but then those pieces of decor end up being the focus rather than the space itself. At the same time, you wouldn’t want a single facet of any given space to overwhelm everything else. Building a stylish and colorful space is really a balancing act, which is why we can’t get enough of cement tile.


Riad Tile’s handcrafted cement tile comes in a dazzling variety of styles and colors, providing you with the options needed to perfectly accomplish that delicate balancing act between style and vibrance. Each of our encaustic tiles get their color from a blend of natural pigments we mix by hand, giving our tiles vibrant colors that simply can’t be imitated. We offer our cement tiles in both standard 8 x 8 Square and Hexagon, both of which work fabulously in any project.

Our cement tiles have been used to add a multitude of design elements, improving any space to which they are applied. Our tiles have been used to both match and contrast colors, add either darkness or light, add new texture, and ultimately, create unique spaces. We always like to say that we give our customers design tools, and it’s up to them how they choose to use them. This is especially true of our cement tiles, as they are all so different from one to another. 

But enough on the basics, let’s dig in and see these gorgeous cement tiles in action!

A Spectrum of Color, from Vibrant to Subdued

Colorful tile is an amazing way to spice up many different spaces in your home! It fits in well with many different interior design styles, having been used in a wide range of settings, including spaces that can be categorized as contemporary, shabby chic, mid-century modern, art deco, and many more.

Riad Tile’s handcrafted cement tiles make use of our 104 different colors, each of which is made using a custom blend of natural pigments that we hand-mix. 


Though many of our tiles make use of lively color, such as this application of Nola Kelly for ceiling-height backsplash and shower wall, they never feel too over-the-top. We attribute this to the organic pigments we use. Because they are completely natural and organic, the blended pigments never look too bright or artificial, giving them the perfect amount of color. Even our brightest tile doesn’t make use of colors found outside of the natural world, creating a vibrant but grounded look.

If perhaps you’re more interested in more subdued colors, we have no shortage of those as well! 


Estrella Black, one of our most popular cement tiles, offers an intricate design and a subdued but rich color scheme. This pattern is modeled off of classic encaustic tile, but looks excellent in settings both modern and rustic, as you can see in the kitchen. This application is more subtle than many, placing a perfect bit of texture in just such a way to accent the gorgeous wood flooring, off-white walls, dark grey fixtures, and Snow Zellige backsplash (another Moroccan tile you should familiarize yourself with, if you haven’t already!). This application shows that despite how vivid cement tile can be, that doesn’t mean it can’t be placed strategically and tastefully.

One of the great things about cement tile is that it provides ample creative space for you to build exactly what you picture in your head. It doesn’t have to fall into any predefined camps. In fact some of our tiles, like Zeus 2013, can be used to build both glamorous and understated applications alike.


This dark blue and white pattern is rather versatile considering how detailed it is. Here, you can see it contrasting simple wooden shelving, silver appliances, and white wall with ease, unifying these disparate elements into one kitchen. 

Cement Tile: Perfect for a Wide Array of Applications

We don’t think that you should ever have to feel like you’re choosing between style and color. It’s your home, your space, and your taste after all! That’s why Riad Tile spends so much of our time and effort creating tiles using classic inspiration. Our tiles are inspired by designs that have been prominent in different cultures across the world, from Morocco to Spain to Cuba. By taking our inspiration from these classic tiles, we are able to make tiles that have a long stylistic lifecycle, rather than just another piece of decor that falls out of the zeitgeist in a few years. 

With that in mind, Riad Tile adds our signature modern flair to each of the cement tiles we have on offer. This might look like slight alterations to the patterns in some tiles, and changed color in others. The result: tiles that look somehow stylish and modern without ever losing the sense of history and craftsmanship that borne them in the first place.

For example, take a look at how one of our customers used Nola Pink in their bathroom.


We love how whimsical and fun this application is! Pink has proven over the years to be a great color for bathrooms, adding both light and color to small spaces. Using bright, lively colors like pink can keep smaller bathrooms from feeling too cramped or constricting. This is especially true of our Nola Pink, which has the added benefit of its delicate pattern. The Nola pattern, while quite subdued, adds a healthy dose of light to each tile but spacing out the solid colors just enough to brighten things up a bit. In this particular bathroom, the pattern helps the Nola Pink match up with the white tile walls without sacrificing the contrast created by the pink color. 

Our Nola Pink cement tile is a perfect example of how cement tile makes use of ever-popular color schemes (pink in bathrooms) to add something both stylish and classic. But maybe you’re interested in something more modern for your bathroom space? We’ve got you covered.

In this stunning bathroom, you can see one of our more modern options on full display.


There are a lot of different amazing features in this bathroom. Framed shower glass, understated but elegant vanity, unique brass fixtures, wall and floor tiles that are inverse colors, this bathroom is a masterclass in unique design. But let’s focus in on what tiling brings to this bathroom. This customer used Maya Black, one of more modern designs, to add texture, contrast, and a sense of movement to this bathroom. What we find especially brilliant about this application is the way that the Maya Black black with white lines inversely mirrors the white with black lines of the herringbone tile walls. It’s truly a fascinating interplay, as each tile serves to complement the other. 

At Riad Tile, we work hard to provide options to nearly any application around the home. Our cement tiles are suitable for a huge variety of different applications, ranging from large-scale commercial applications as well as small accent pieces in a half-bath. It can be hard to wrap your head around something as intricate as patterned cement tile being a versatile option, but we’ve seen cement tile used to great effect in restaurants and offices as well as around the home. It really goes to show that as amazing as any one piece of decor might be, it’s up to you to find the perfect way to use it. We provide examples of what our other customers have done simply as inspiration to you, so you can inspire others with your own design in the future. 

So whatever you decide to do with your tile application, we hope to see your own unique tastes and preferences on display!

Build Your Perfect Bathroom, Kitchen, Patio, or Other Space

Cement tile is one of the most intriguing ways you can add new color to your home. With its mesmerizing patterns and deep, rich coloration, this particular variety of tile brings something really unique to the table. 

In addition to framing the rest of the space, cement tile is definitely noticeable in its own right. The patterns and gorgeous color can be used to add strategic doses of complexity to specific areas, becoming a memorable piece of any space. In the kitchen, cement tiles make for an incredibly effective backsplash, both in style and substance.


As you can see in the kitchen, Nola Pink adds a pop of pink to this marble-floored kitchen, bringing vibrant color into the equation. This bright kitchen could use little more than a touch of color, making Nola Pink the perfect choice for an accenting backsplash. Beyond simply accenting the color, cement tile excels at protecting walls from food and water spatters. Cement tile is quite easy to clean with common household cleaners and is also remarkably stain-resistant. With cement tile, you’re getting both form and function!


Outside of the kitchen, cement tile remains incredibly versatile, being well suited for many tasks and locations in the home. As can see above, encaustic cement tile looks positively fabulous in bathrooms, but it’s also remarkably practical, holding up fantastically against water after being sealed. It’s a perfect choice for both showers and bathroom backsplashes, keeping your bathroom looking stylish and interesting. 

Encaustic tile is also suited for many other uses around home. Entryways, islands, and kitchen flooring are other fairly common places you might see cement tile. In warm, dry climates, it can even be used outdoors for patios. 

In our opinion, most homes really benefit from having even a single bold design choice. Not only can something like this liven up a space, it can enhance the other qualities of the room. Unfortunately, many people are of the opinion that something like cement tile would just be too much for their space, that it might somehow overwhelm everything else in the room. A cursory glance at our Instagram proves this isn’t the case, and in fact the opposite is true. When the right color is chosen for a space, cement tile has a way of framing the rest of the space in the best possible light. All of a sudden, the solid colors of walls or floors seem richer and deeper, because they are contrasted by a vibrant design rather than just another single solid color. 

Shop Our Expansive Catalog of Moroccan Cement Tile

At Riad Tile, we work hard to give you the materials you need to make your interior design project successful. We consider a win for you also a win for us, because that means we were able to help you build exactly what you wanted to build. We are also immensely proud of our line of cement tiles, which is the product of a lot of hard work from our artisans and designers. We sincerely hope you can find your perfect tile in our selections. If you can’t find the perfect cement tile, let us know and we can discuss customizing a tile just for you to best fit your purposes and tastes.

If you’d like to see any of the above tiles in person, please feel free to order a sample today, and we’ll ship it directly to your front door.