Everything You Need to Know About: Black Marble Tile

In the world of interior design, we’ve noticed that black marble tile seems to be gaining ground as an increasingly popular material for all sorts of different homes, and with good reason. Black marble is a remarkably bold material that never goes unnoticed, even in smaller quantities, with a sleek shining finish that practically announces luxury. But that doesn’t mean this variety of marble is stuffy or only works alongside dark woods and bottles of brandy. The increasing prevalence of black marble tile is giving a whole generation of interior designers opportunities to work with this amazing material, leading to new uses for homes of many different styles. Here’s what you need to know about black marble tile before you go sample hunting!

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  1. Most black marble tile is made of Nero Marquina marble

Most of the black marble you’ll find in the US (including all of Riad Tile’s black marble offerings) are hewn from the striking Nero Marquina marble. Commonly found in China, Iran, and Spain, this variety of marble is actually grey when first quarried from the earth and is only given it’s signature deep black after being meticulously polished. 

  1. How to clean black marble tile

Like other varieties of marble, black marble tile can be cleaned using an untreated, dry dust mop. For deeper cleaning, you should use a neutral pH cleaner for natural stone. You can find neutral pH stone cleaners at hardware or grocery stores. 

  1. What gives black marble its color

Our Nero Marquina marble gets its unique color from natural bitumen. During the eons-long geologic processes that produce marble, the bitumen is pressured deep into the marble, staining the stone a dark grey-black. There are no artificial colors in our black marble tile, only the results of natural geology. 

  1. Black marble tile vs. slabs

The growing popularity of marble tile isn’t just due to trends. Marble has always been a popular choice for homes, but until recently, it wasn’t a practical choice for many people. Marble slabs are expensive, in many cases must be custom cut, and if damaged, cannot be repaired. Marble tiles are significantly more affordable, don’t need to be customized, and can be easily replaced if a tile or two is damaged somehow. All while retaining the look that you can only get from real marble. 

If you have any other questions about our black marble tile, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. 

A Bit More About Marble Tile

Marble is one of those materials that effortlessly spans eras of interior design without ever really falling out of style. From the days of ancient Rome all the way up to today’s eclectic trends, marble has been lending the same organic patterns and colors since its use was first popularized centuries ago. The only thing that’s really changed over the years is the varieties of marble available. While white marble has been common across the world for quite some time, less common colors, like rose and black, are becoming much more widely available. 

At Riad Tile, we make some of those less common varieties of tile available to everyone. Our black marble tile, available in herringbone mosaic, hexagon mosaic, and classic subway, is no exception.

Why We Do It

Do you ever wonder why the areas of the home in which we spend the most time often have the most utilitarian decor? Kitchens and bathrooms often have all the flavor of an unseasoned chicken breast, with purely spartan decor that adds no aesthetic value to the home. Even in homes where decor is carefully chosen to deliver well-placed bursts of color and texture, accessories can’t completely make up for bland countertops, backsplashes, and tiling. BUT we also know that many of the more exciting materials are usually fairly inaccessible, either due to price, backorders, or both. 

In our experience, the single factor keeping people from using high quality materials in their homes is accessibility, not simply cost. While price can contribute to inaccessibility, we often hear from our customers that they have trouble finding some of our more unique tiles available elsewhere. Due to the popularity and relative scarcity of the tiles we offer, they can be difficult to find in other stores. We’ve even heard from some of our customers that other specialty tile stores may be constantly backordered, while we have plenty of tiling in stock. While we can’t speak for our competitors, we at Riad Tile are quite proud of the steady supply chain that we spent years building with our partners and collaborators. Our strategic partnerships keep our tiles in steady supply and our prices low, even for less common materials, like zellige or mosaic black marble tile. 

If you are interested in seeing more of our tiles, please don’t hesitate to browse our collections. We offer samples of each and every one of our tiles, which we can ship directly to your front door. If you’re local to Dallas-Ft. Worth, please stop by one of our showrooms to see all of our tiles in one place, and order samples to be sent to your home