Customer Spotlight: Our Terrazzo Terra Tiles Create a Chic Laundry Room

Build TX Solutions is a design, remodeling and construction company owned and operated by women. The company’s interior designer Alejandra Mora uses a wide array of Riad tiles. She especially loves Terrazzo Terra 12″x12″ tiles for laundry rooms!

Terrazzo Terra Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles are made from cement, crafted by specialists in encaustic cement tile, and come in various colors and patterns that liven up any room. Terrazzo tiles can be used on floors, walls, backsplashes and shower walls. They even work well outdoors since they are made with durable cement. 

Terrazzo Terra 12″ square tiles consist of white cement dotted with gray, navy, brown and cream pearls to create a clean, textured look in any space. One of the places that Alexandra likes using Terrazzo Terra square tiles best is in a bright, beautiful and functional laundry room!

Creating a Chic-but-Efficient Laundry Room

While the laundry room tiles add to the bright and the beautiful, the functionality of this space is a battle all on its own. The more functional a laundry room is, the more it allows you to maximize efficiency and organization when cleaning clothes and linens. With a laundry room that looks and makes you feel good, you will never stress over the weekly chore again. 


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In this chic but efficient laundry room, the white walls and floors are contrasted by sage-green cabinets. The pop of color accentuates the only plant in the room, a reminder of outdoor beauty when the tasks of everyday life (like laundry) start weighing on you. The gold cabinet handles perfectly match the sink’s hardware, along with the countertop vases. 

The light wooden beam lining one of the walls is the perfect spot to store detergents and dryer sheets in a location that is out of the way of the laundry action. The beam’s wood grain also matches the wicker baskets on the countertop, providing even more storage space.

 Terrazzo Terra tiles add a pop of color to the laundry room. The flecks of tan in the laundry room tiles match the room’s other shades while contributing dimension to the ascending countertop. The laundry room tiles pull the whole space together. 

Additional Laundry Room Tile Options

If green in a laundry room speaks to you, try forest green or emerald green Zellige tiles. Both deep green hues come in 4″ squares, 2″x6″X⅞”, and 2″x6″X½” tiles. The various cuts of this handcrafted Moroccan tile allow you to create maximum dimension on the floors or walls of your laundry room. 

If the laundry room floor texture appeals to you, these dandelion black-and-white ceramic tiles may be your speed. Try our Sunny Days ceramic tile for even more color in your laundry room! Like the deep green Zellige tile, this design will transport you straight from the dirty clothes of your laundry room to watching a sunset in the great outdoors. Orange and yellow suns decorate the ceramic tiles, while blue and red lines are reminiscent of the ocean. It’s quite the view for a laundry room!