Creative Uses of Casablanca Carrara Marble that Blend Luxury with Warmth

Some materials top the list year after year for home renovations, and Carrara marble is consistently one of the most popular for countertops, tile, and more. While a large marble slab is undoubtedly stunning, the versatility of marble tile means you can incorporate many different shapes, patterns and finishes in your home

We love seeing how homeowners and designers use Riad Tile’s Casablanca Carrara marble in their spaces to incorporate a luxurious, warm feel. And we’re constantly inspired by their creativity!

A High-End Bridge Between Styles

Whether you’re incorporating a modern trend or highlighting your home’s style roots, blending old and new is a popular design choice today. We love to see spaces that incorporate various materials and styles. One of the best techniques for making this combination work is using high-end transition materials and patterns to help tie everything together. 


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Martina @thelivedinlook embraced this aesthetic by using our Casablanca Carrara 3 “x6” Subway tile in the kitchen.

The organic feel of Carrara marble matches well with the natural wood cabinetry, while the sleek tile surface mirrors the stunning black countertops. This classically elegant look sets the tone for the whole space while also feeling rustic enough to invite those inevitable kitchen messes during dinner prep with the family.

Seamless Beauty, Endless Patterns

While marble tile is popular as a refined look in the kitchen, it easily adds an elevated feeling to areas like the bathroom as well. We love the soft, subtle patterns and feeling of natural grandeur that come with using Carrara tiles. This inherent beauty means you’re free to experiment with fun patterns and tile shapes to mix whimsy with elegance in the space. 


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Lisa @Thursday_night_dinners has a bathroom space that uses our Casablanca Carrara Fish Scale Mosaic and 1″ Penny Round Mosaic to show off this effortless blend of luxury and fun.

The scalloped edge adds a pop of interest near the ceiling — an often overlooked spot in design! With a bit of care, marble tile is also easy to keep clean in the shower, so it’s the perfect spot to showcase your sophisticated design.

A Touch of Elegance – DIY Style

One of the best things about Carrara marble is that everyone — from professionals to first-time DIYers — can successfully use it to elevate a space. A look of luxury isn’t reserved for the elite. 


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We love that Erica Mueller over at @ericamuellerhome got the whole family involved with a new kitchen backsplash featuring our Casablanca Carrara 3″x6″ Subway tile.

The straight lines from this subway tile make it easy for first-time installers to line things up without much space for grout in between. In an area like the kitchen, thin grout lines look sleek and professional while limiting the chance for mold and mildew. Pay attention to the natural veins and patterns to capitalize on the elegant and seamless look when you’re taking on a DIY marble tile project. Rather than installing one box at a time, remove all the tiles and combine pieces from various boxes in an organic way. You can even have the kids help arrange tiles for the most natural-looking pattern!

Riad Tile’s Casablanca Carrara marble is versatile and luxurious. It’s easy to put this tile on the top of your list for the next renovation!