Concrete Tile Backsplash

The holidays are almost upon us! With the holiday season comes friends, family, and a lot of food. All of this food and family necessitates a special gathering place. At Riad Concrete Tile, we want to help you with that gathering place. Let’s talk about your kitchen.

Building a Comforting Kitchen with Riad

A warm, inviting kitchen is essential for a holiday gathering place. The look and feel of the kitchen can become just as much a part of the family as your actual family members; your kitchen is the background for your memories. Perhaps this will be your first time hosting the holidays at your home: You’re establishing a gathering place. A concrete tile backsplash would be a perfect addition to your kitchen that would bring a unique look and, because of the durability of our Concrete tile, would be a feature that would last for many holiday seasons to come.

If you’re looking for a bold statement that is simultaneously color-suitable for entertaining throughout the year (and that can even subtly evoke a Poinsettia), check out our Knox Black Concrete tile.  If you like the unique shape of the Knox Black concrete tile but want an airier feel, we also have Knox Grey concrete tile. The nice thing about both the black and grey concrete tile is that those colors can be easily incorporated with any type of décor.

Perhaps your kitchen is already the family gathering place for the holiday season and you’re looking for an eye-catching update. Your concrete tile backsplash could be the bold statement you’ve been searching for. For something bold and bright, check out our Erizo Blue Concrete tile. For concrete tile that can evoke strength and the wisdom of the ages, try out our Excalibur Concrete tile or our Zeus 2013 Concrete tile. If you want to change up your kitchen but you’re looking for an elegant rather than a bold feel, look no further than our Allegro Concrete tile.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean with a Concrete Tile Backsplash

Whether you’re establishing your gathering place or looking to spice it up, easy clean-up is a kitchen must-have. Thankfully, concrete tile will also impress in that respect. It’s amazing what can end up on the kitchen walls when it’s time for holiday cooking! Whatever your family’s holiday food staples are, from Cranberry sauce to green bean casserole, splatters will wipe right off your concrete tile backsplash.  Concrete tile is also great for testing your pasta, if you and your family are part of the throw-pasta-against-the-wall group rather than the I-swear-it-won’t-burn-my-tongue-this-time group.

Remember that Concrete tile is not just for improving the background of your holiday, you can enjoy the personality the concrete tile backsplash brings to your kitchen year-round. We look forward to helping you chose the perfect concrete tile for your family!