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A Long-Term Fix for Boring Bathrooms: Cement Tile

Even within the most elegantly decorated home, bathrooms tend to take on a character all their own. They can be the dreariest or most outstanding part of any home, with almost everything depending on décor. Though wall colors, updated fixtures, and fancy hand towels all play an important part in ensuring that the bathroom is comfortable and stylish, nothing splashes color and texture on a bathroom quite like the gorgeous patterns of cement tiling.

When applied to a bathroom, cement tile is as much a bold style statement as it is a practical and durable choice for a high-use area. Our custom patterns provide a natural contrast to the solid colors found in most bathrooms, which brings out the best in coloration of the bathroom while the colors of the bathroom accentuate the mesmerizing textures of our tiling. It really is the perfect combination, and that’s not even to mention the durability factor. Cement tiles can easily last decades, withstanding just about anything you can think to throw at them, and yes that includes changes in home styling trends.

If there’s one constant in home style trends, it’s that they are always changing. Everything from floor plans to color schemes tend to shift every few years, so making lasting decisions on the different stylistic aspects of your home can seem a bit challenging, especially on something as visible and prone to change as bathrooms. But if there’s one thing we at Riad Tile have learned over the years, it’s that encaustic cement tile is all but impervious to stylistic shifts. Whether it’s the fact that encaustic tile has been around for hundreds of years, the sense of movement it creates, or just the fact that it looks so darn cool, cement tile has proven to be a timeless addition to any household. In bathrooms, this timelessness is particularly important, as when home décor trends shift, bathrooms tend to be among the earliest and most drastic changes. Cement tile delivers more than just permanence to your bathroom though. It delivers something even more uncommon: stylish permanence. By adding cement tile to your bathroom, you aren’t making a purely utilitarian choice or a purely stylish choice; you’re making a choice that exists perfectly in both schools of thought and creates a bathroom that will never go out of style.

At Riad Tile, we take great pride in designing durable, beautiful tiles for almost any circumstance. Bathrooms are just one way our tiles can be used; they also shine in outdoor areas, kitchen backsplashes, or entryways. We make each tile by hand in order to ensure that you get the highest quality product possible. We offer a variety of different designs and patterns to fit any room or application. Feel free to talk to us today and find out a bit more about cement tile! We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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