Brand New Designs

Wherever it is used, cement tile creates a unique visual tapestry that is simply inimitable by any other tile type. Maybe that’s why the art of handmade cement tile has endured through so many popular stylistic shifts over the last century. While this timelessness sets cement tile apart from many other aspects of home decor, it also provides unique circumstances that allow creativity and new ideas to flourish.

With this in mind, all of us at Riad are proud to offer our new and wholly unique tile designs: Sol Pink, Sol 4000, and Emma Grey. Like our other tiles, these new offerings pay respect to their established stylistic origins while using more modern design principles to create their fascinating visual style.

The Latest Gorgeous Handmade Tile

To create our gorgeous handmade tile, our craftsmen use time-tested methods, giving each tile the color and character they’re known for. Our new tiles exhibit the same quality and attention to detail our customers know and love, offering a brand new set of patterns and textures.

Emma Grey

Featuring a deep grey color palette, Emma Grey is an exercise in the use of neutral colors to create fantastic visuals. Neutral-colored tiles are an excellent way to match a wide variety of color palettes, creating a mesmerizing visual effect without any worry of clashing. Emma Grey is no exception. Truly shining in larger applications but well-suited for smaller ones as well, Emma Grey is at home almost anywhere!

Sol 4000

With a light, almost ethereal appearance, Sol 4000 features design and coloration working in tandem in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind. Sol 4000 gets its vibrant light blue color from Riad’s own blend of hand-mixed pigments that is pressed into each tile individually. This light blue is accentuated by Sol 4000’s unique pattern, resulting in a tile that brightens up any room it is applied to.

Sol Pink

Despite using the same pattern as Sol 4000, Sol Pink takes on a bit more of a traditional cement tile appearance, thanks to its vivacious pink hue. Sol Pink is a lively, even animated tile that can be used to great effect in kitchens, bathroom, entryways, and even outdoor areas depending on the region!

One of our favorite things about our cement tile is seeing how our customers choose to use it. Our customers have shown their capacity for creativity time and time again with gorgeous applications both inside and outside of the home, and we can’t wait to see how these tiles are used once they’re released.

Get Started!

Cement tile has a way of putting its owners’ creative vision on full display. Whether you’re using cement tile to add some classic appeal to a modern space or you’re using it as a focal point of your space, cement tile provides an opportunity to make your interior design dreams into realities. So don’t wait, get started building your dream space today! Order a sample of any one of our gorgeous handmade tiles or place a pre-order one of our new tiles today!