Big Marble Projects

Over the last couple of years, marble mosaic tile has grown steadily in popularity for projects large and small. From full bathroom renos to the addition of half-height backsplashes, this complex variety of marble tile has completely established its place in modern interior decor, encouraging designers from all walks to explore the unique possibilities this tile presents. 

A Couple of Contrasting Examples

Due to its neutral color palette, white marble tile has a versatility that can’t be beat, which is a rare quality to find in materials that are also so stylish. These bathrooms, which both feature uses of our Casablanca Carrara marble collection, take a similar approach that diverges in a few key ways that make all the difference. 


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When you think white marble, you might make word associations like “sleek”, “grandiose”, or even “cold”. While white marble keeps many ties to its luxurious roots, today’s marble is significantly more accessible and affordable, allowing interior designers to really experiment with the potential offered by white marble. This bathroom, which features our Casablanca Carrara marble in 5” Hexagon mosaic and 3×6 subway tile, is an excellent example of how a designer can flip the script on what you might conventionally think of white marble. 

At just a glance, this bathroom looks nothing like the aloof image that comes to some people’s minds when they think of a white marble bathroom. That’s because this designer had the forethought to use a mixture of warm lighting, brown countertops, and rustic bits of decor to give a pleasant warmth to this space. Because marble tends to reflect its surroundings, the warm light is captured, giving this space a comfortable, homey feeling that serves as an excellent foil to the bright elegance of the white marble. Though both the marble mosaic tile and marble subway tile are made of the same variety of marble, their different shapes actually contrast each other quite well, which can be difficult to achieve when using materials that are the same color. This small bathroom proves that while conventions for a particular piece of decor are definitely good to know, they certainly don’t have to be followed to the letter. Even in classic pieces like subway tile and hex mosaic, there’s still plenty of room to try new things. Even though this bathroom is fairly simple, it does everything quite well, creating a space that is simply perfect. 

As fantastic as this bathroom is, there are countless ways to use lighting and decor to totally shift the character of marble mosaic tile:


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On its face, this bathroom is quite similar to the previous one; marble mosaic tile on the floor with subway tile on the shower wall. But as you can see, lighting and contrasting colors go a long way in creating the overall look of a space. Where the last bathroom featured warmer colors, this one features cooler colors that emphasize elegance above all else. Where the last bathroom boasted touches of rustic decor here and there, such as the planter and shower curtain, this space opts for clean simplicity, utilizing a glass shower door to give a clear view of the 3×6 Casablanca Carrara subway tile adorning the wall beyond. The way these two bathrooms contrast is a great testament to the versatility of marble tile, showing that just by changing a few things around it, this tile can be used to create just about any kinds of space you can imagine. 

This bathroom lets the white marble tile do all the heavy lifting, making for ample natural beauty. Offset only by the black cabinets, this bathroom is stylistically quite simple, which allows this exquisite tile to shine. Like we mentioned above, marble tends to reflect its surroundings, so when it’s given cool light, it glimmers with a vibrance that simply can’t be found in any other material. This small bathroom has a radiance and elegance that can be difficult to attain in bathrooms this size, and it’s all owed to the strategic use of marble tile by a brilliant designer.

A Bonus Shower

Just because we can’t help ourselves, we wanted to spend some extra time bragging on the designers that use our tile:


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This shower, which makes use of both 3×6 subway tile and the delicate 2” Hexagon Mosaic marble tile, is a great example of how keeping it simple can often yield incredible results. Just by setting these two varieties of marble side-by-side, this designer managed to build an elegant shower, complete with the added notes of color from brass fixtures and hinges. Though we can’t see what the rest of the bathroom looks like, the beauty of this shower is that, because of its neutrality, it’s sure to shine in just about any setting. 

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