A Stellar Use of Marble Tile from Tuft and Trim

At Riad Tile, we love celebrating the designers we work with, both because they create such wonderful spaces and because of the inspiration it might provide to some other prospective designer. This bathroom from Tuft and Trim is the perfect example of something that new designers can aspire to!

Courtney, the owner and founder Tuft and Trim, clearly has excellent taste in tiling:

“Now on to the finishes… Marble has always been my finish of choice. It’s so classic and the light and subtle variations are great for small spaces.”

We couldn’t agree more! Her juxtaposition of our 2″ Hexagon mosaic marble tile and robust 6″ x 12″ marble subway tile, both of which are our signature Casablanca Carrara, is positively inspired.

Tuft and Trim clearly builds for both form and function. This marble tile shower is stylistically and practically resilient, making it a perfect choice for bathrooms like this.

“Truly some of the highest quality finishes I’ve worked with and I’m still shocked that this is my bathroom!”

This bathroom’s marble-wallpaper combo is absolutely gorgeous. We love the way that the tiles match the floral pattern and how the off-white tiling’s softness offsets the brighter white cabinets.

“A huge thank you to Riad Tile for supplying the gorgeous Casablanca Carrara 2″ Hexagon tile for the floor and the 6″x12″ subway marble tile for the shower.”

Thank YOU for choosing our offerings for this project and for your kind words on our collections.

There’s nothing we love more than highlighting our happy customers’ work, and we consider ourselves lucky to have so many creative visionaries that love our tiles as much as we do! If you’d like to see any of the tiles used in this bathroom up-close and personal, you can order a sample and we’ll ship directly to your front door.