A Little Bit of Zellige Tile Inspiration

As popular as zellige tile has become over the last couple of years, we really do consider it to be something of an unlikely success story! After all, what are the chances that traditional, handcrafted Moroccan tile would not only gain traction as a unique statement piece in homes around the U.S., but also become an established part of multiple interior decor styles as a whole? As our customers have adopted this amazing glazed terracotta tile into their homes, we’ve seen the amazing possibilities this tile affords, ranging from the vibrant and lively to the rustic and charming. Bathrooms, kitchens, pools, showers, and more have been reimagined using Moroccan zellige tile, creating never-before-seen decor combinations. 

With so many new ideas and experiments for zellige applications, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options, so to help you focus on what would look best in your own home, here are a few of our favorite recent zellige applications. Zellige tile’s role has expanded significantly since its introduction just a few years ago in countless new and exciting ways, creating opportunities for inspiration, and we’d love nothing more than to help you explore your options.

Classic Flair in a Modern Kitchen

As you may have already seen, zellige tile offers a surprising versatility, making it the perfect choice for a wide variety of different spaces. In particular, white zellige has swiftly become among our most popular offerings. Riad Tile offers two varieties of white zellige in several different shapes: Natural White and Snow.


Our 4×4 Snow Zellige tile, as seen above, is a fresh, clean tile capable of brightening up any space. Due to its soothing neutrality, this white zellige tile is at home in many settings, ranging from bold, modern bathrooms to simple kitchens like this one. In this kitchen, Snow zellige is used to provide a small dose of complexity to an otherwise simple space by way of its subtle color variations. Like any variety of zellige, Snow isn’t a single uniform color; it can skew toward light grey or even soft tan. Additionally, zellige is also known for added texture through slight chips and hairline cracks. In this kitchen, where soft white is the primary color and is only accented by bronze fixtures, the added touches of darker colors from the zellige backsplash is quite welcome, instantly giving this kitchen the contrast it needs to spice things up a bit while retaining its simple color palette.

A Wholly Unique Shower Renovation

As enjoyable as simple off-white is, zellige tile is by no means restricted to simpler colors. In fact, most varieties exhibit stunningly vibrant colors, including bright greens, deep blues, and rosy shades of red and pink. We offer a spectrum of unique zellige shades in multiple sizes, giving you the options you need to choose something perfect for your home. But what might a bolder color look like in your space


This interior  designer pulls no punches, boldly exploring the possibilities present in this classic Moroccan tile. This shower, finished with our 2×6 Forest Green zellige, is a perfect example of what taking a leap can do for your home. The designer used our rich Forest Green zellige to craft a bold, standout shower that operates as a focal point in this bathroom. Using bolder materials like this can be something of a challenge to pull off, but by offsetting the dark green with the bathroom’s bright walls and a well-placed marble shower niche, the designer created something utterly unique and timeless. You can even catch a glimpse of the zellige tile’s glossy enamel in the mirror, something that you may not see unless in person. 

Bathrooms with a Dash of Rustic Charm

In addition to practical uses like the ones above (showers and backsplashes), zellige is stylistically versatile, fitting into many contexts. We’ve seen it used for its rustic appearance as much as we’ve seen it used to add bright color, and it shines as either a focal point or an accent piece. There are few styles of tile that can be used for such a diverse array of different purposes. For example, we’ll compare and contrast 2 bathrooms with zellige walls


In this first example, we see Sea Green zellige in 2×6, a stony floor, an intricate, natural wood-finish vanity, and some fascinating sinks and fixtures. This bathroom is certainly an exercise in unique interior decor and is definitely all the better for it. The light brown hues present in the Sea Green zellige act an excellent match for the grout and vanity, drawing all the elements together into this cohesive space. This bathroom is a modern take on rustic design sensibilities, bringing classic color schemes into the modern era with aplomb. 

In this second bathroom, you can see the power of simplicity on full display: 


This kitchen features precious few conspicuous elements, leaning heavily on our 2×6 Blush Zellige tile to add color. In order to make this application a bit more intricate, this designer placed these tiles in a somewhat unorthodox orientation, alternating between horizontal and vertical. Ultimately, the thoughtful use of tile makes this space an outstanding example of tasteful simplicity and the power of high quality materials. 

Shop Our Zellige Tile

At Riad Tile, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to work with such fabulous interior designers; all of the selections discussed above were created by our amazing customers. We firmly believe that amazing materials shouldn’t be inaccessible, so we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible to provide you with the choices you deserve to build the space you want. If you’re interested in seeing any of the above tiles in person, please feel free to order a sample today, and we’ll ship it directly to your front door. When ordering a zellige sample, it’s important to remember that these tiles may vary slightly in color and texture due to being handcrafted, so you may want to order some extra to get the full idea of what an application might look like.