5 Tile Flatlays That Will Spark Your Design Inspiration

Often, the most challenging part of executing a design is getting it started. That’s why we love the inspiration we can pull from flatlays, where color and texture have space to evolve and play. Today we’re looking at five of our favorite flatlays and exploring all of the design possibilities they bring.




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First is this darling beachside-inspired flatlay from Michael Schlitt Construction. Our 12×12 Blush Terrazzo shines in this lineup, bringing nuance and depth, and showcasing how each of our terrazzo tiles is a unique piece of art. Our Blush Terrazzo works to stand out as a centerpiece or elevate as an accent; all it’s waiting for is a picturesque home to adorn.




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Lygia Harkins Interiors used our Terra Terrazzo in this beautifully neutral, desert-inspired flatlay. Our Terra Terrazzo features earthy tones of brown and grey with hints of red amongst the white. The colors go wonderfully with the dusty red of the Arizona land and the pale blue of the towering skies. We can’t wait to see what Lygia decides to do with these in the future, but we know it will look amazing. 




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If you already have an idea for a color scheme, but want to play more with pattern and texture, try a monochrome flatlay like this one from River City Tile Company. This beautiful mixture of soft and sage greens blew us away. They used our 4×4 Sea Green Zellige tiles for a bit of shine, and we love the coastal imagery they evoke. 

These natural clay tiles create great accent walls or centerpieces for your favorite room. We stand by our assertion that even though each of these zellige tiles is a little different from the others, their uniqueness makes them stand out and stand head and shoulders above the others.




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In this luxuriant yet refined flatlay, Jessica from J. Kathryn Interiors curated a marvelous display for a kitchen renovation using our 4×4 Snow White Zellige tiles. Zellige tiles works well in kitchens because they are durable and easy to clean. Jessica’s combination of white, gold, and a soft floral is quintessential to classic, elegant design.




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Our last collection may be our favorite of them all. Aubrey at Gilded Heights put together this gorgeous flatlay using our Norwegian Rose Marble hexagons and our 2×6 Snow White Zellige. Our Norwegian Rose tile’s soft pink, red, and beige tones are perfect for any bathroom or vanity accent. 

The muted colors and patterns are particular to each tile, but the muted tones make them excellent for spaces where they can blend into an existing theme. The hexagonal tiles do a splendid job of showing off different shapes and unique colors while not stealing attention from the rest of the room.

We love how each flatlay has different color palettes and design visions and how our tiles fit into them all. Tag our tiles in your projects, and we may highlight your work in upcoming blogs. You can also order samples from our website to try looks at home. For more inspiration, check out our blog or scroll through our Instagram @riadtile.