3 Ways to Use Marble Tile in Your Home

One of our favorite things about marble tile is how accessible it is. Real marble has always been considered something of a premium decor item, but marble tiles make this wonderful, natural stone significantly cheaper and easier to install than in the common slab format. For this reason and many more, marble tile has steadily grown in popularity over the last several years, appearing in more and more homes. With the increase in popularity comes an increased diversity in the way these tiles are used. 

In the past, marble was something you’d primarily see in large, upscale homes with a relative uniformity of style, but that’s no longer the case. Marble tile is now making its way across homes of all different styles, with designers exploring all manner of possibilities presented by the natural stone. From farmhouse to minimalist and traditional to contemporary, designers are proving that marble tile has a home in all manner of different interior design styles. Thanks to the hard work and adventurous spirit of these designers, there are now a whole new set of ideas from which to take inspiration, providing countless new templates for you to use in your own home. Here are just a few ways that marble tile brings vibrant, organic beauty to homes of all styles.

Option #1: The Kitchen Backsplash

Because of the specific measurements needed to custom fit a marble slab backsplash, marble tiles are far more commonly used for backsplashes. And without a doubt, the results of these tiles almost always speak for themselves:


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Our Herringbone Casablanca Carrara is the perfect tile for kitchens with relatively simple color palettes. The designer made use of Sherwin-Williams Pure White paint, which provides a bright liveliness and plenty of room for other decor items to interact and complete the space. 

The bright white backdrop is an ideal canvas for the interplay between the stone countertops and marble tile. These two natural materials complement each other beautifully, the delicate veining of the Herringbone Casablanca Carrara matching the countertops in color but providing an alternative texture that gives the whole room a bit more life.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic value, marble tile is a remarkably solid choice for kitchen backsplashes. With its smooth, polished surface, marble tile is quite easy to clean, and because of how easy these tiles are to orient in the shape of your choosing during installation, all you have to worry about making sure your measurements are accurate. 

Option #2: Flooring in the Shower

The shower floor is a oft-overlooked area in the bathroom with loads of potential for throwing down some bold decor. Because this area is so often underutilized, a lot of people are quick to dismiss it as an area where they can potentially do something really interesting. This designer used our Norwegian Rose marble tile in 6×12 subway to show that boldness in interior design can be incredibly rewarding


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Norwegian Rose marble is a bit of an oddity in the US still, as it only migrated into the American mainstream from the Nordic countries several years ago. Once we started seeing Norwegian Rose in homes on this side of the Atlantic, this variety of marble positively exploded in popularity, and justifiably so! A pink, grey, and white-hued marble that is only produced by the geologic processes of the Nordic region, Norwegian Rose delivers an array of colors that are quite unique in the world of marble. Even in the simple subway tile format, the gorgeous and utterly unique color scheme brings a dose of the unexpected to this shower in the best possible way. The pink tiles are the perfect complement for the white scallop tile adorning the walls as well as the brass fixtures, which are swiftly becoming a popular match for these lively tiles.

Option #3: Shower Walls

When you think of shower tiling, you probably think of the walls first and foremost. After all, they’re certainly the most visible part of the shower and provide the most space for any given material to shine. Marble subway tiles are an excellent option for this application, providing a great deal of texture that is lacking from the more common ceramic subway tiles:


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This bathroom is a real testament to the power of a keen design eye, putting marble tile is an astounding farmhouse setting. While marble can occasionally be seen in modern farmhouse style homes, it isn’t the most common piece of decor. This designer seamlessly introduced marble to this rustic farmhouse bathroom using our signature 3×6 Casablanca Carrara marble tile. To us, this subway tile looks perfectly in place, going above and beyond by adding some subtle grey veining to this otherwise bright white bathroom. Against the charming chipped paint and wood, our Casablanca Carrara subway tile provides an additional touch of beauty to an brilliantly conceived bathroom. 

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