3 Times Architectural Digest Featured Our Zellige Tile

At Riad, we haven’t been shy about our love for Architectural Digest celebrity features. It’s not every day you get to peek behind the curtain of an A-list designer’s work, and we relish every chance we can get. But there are more than just celebrities featured in AD, and today we’re going to take a look at three times Architectural Digest talked about our tile in their design features. 

1. Nina Dobrev’s European-Style Château

We’re pretty sure we’ll never stop talking about Nina Dobrev using our 2”x6” Natural Zellige tiles in her California home. Inspired by the French countryside, Dobrev’s kitchen doesn’t shy away from dimension. With sage green cabinets and our “yummy” (her words) Zellige, color and texture give this space an old-world, European depth and feel.

Our Zellige tile is wonderfully versatile because it can add a glossy finish to a contemporary space or build off the character of a more eclectic area. In her home, Dobrev noted that she “wanted to use materials that were organic and felt like they could have belonged to the home before [its renovation].” 

She told AD how our 2”x6” Natural Zellige fits into the theme of her home: “I wanted to mix the materials again and get something that looked like a subway tile but had these imperfections…each tile is different. They don’t lay perfectly flat on each other, there’s edges, and it feels textured.”

Scroll through to see the rest of Nina Dobrev’s space, and shop our 2”x6” Natural White Zellige here


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2. Hausmatter Interiors’s Midcentury Modern Design

This is the second time we’re featuring Hausmatter Interiors’s vivacious kitchen in our blog, and with good reason. Our 4”x4” Blush Zellige tiles adorn the backsplash and add colorful depth to the space, breaking up the maroon walls and cabinets with a breath of blush.

“This kitchen really started with the tile as the inspiration,” Katherine Thewlis, owner of Hausmatter Interiors, told us. It’s no wonder Architectural Digest featured this rich and inventive design; just like our handmade Zellige tiles, it’s one-of-a-kind.

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3. Alexandra Gater’s Cozy Canadian Kitchen

Last but not least is Alexandra Gater, and YouTuber and Instagram influencer based out of Toronto who used our 2”x6” Snow White Zellige on her kitchen backsplash. 

In an interview with Architectural Digest last November, Gater described how she went for a “rustic” style to build on the “good bones” of her 19th-century house.

About our 2”x6” Snow White Zellige, which comprises the stunning backsplash, she said: “I was so happy to be able to work with [Riad Tile] on this makeover…[the tiles] bring a lot of character into this kitchen. We also decided to take the backsplash all the way up the wall behind the sink to create a statement. These Zellige tiles are a traditional Moroccan tile that’s handcrafted with non-refined natural clay from the Fez region. They are all irregular, meaning that they don’t sit flush on the wall. The result is a unique, organic look.”

Browse Gater’s Instagram to see more of her kitchen and signature design, and shop our 2”x6” Snow White Zellige here


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We’re so happy our tiles are getting the spotlight they deserve and can’t wait for more features. Follow us for more blog content, and tag us in your tile inspiration and designs at @riadtile.