2 Flavors of Marble Tile from The Style Editrix

There’s really nothing like the textural contrast that comes from using multiples styles of marble tile. Though united in color, using a few different styles can showcase different qualities of the same marble, revealing all sorts of new possibilities. This method was perfect for Ashley Fultz, the brains behind The Style Editrix, as she planned her exciting bathroom reno:

“I dreamed for years about being able to design my own bathroom after living in apartments and my last house where it was already designed for me, and I finally got to do it!”

This bathroom uses our signature Casablanca Carrara marble in 2 different styles: our classic Pickett Mosaic marble tile and Penny Round Mosaic marble tile:

“The most fun for me was getting to design our bathrooms from scratch and I am obsessed with how all of the bathroom turned out, but MY bathroom is the best in my humble opinion! It’s luxe and serene and just beautiful.”

At the end of the day, this sums up what we consider our collections to be focused on: being able to build YOUR space. Though you may take inspiration from many places, ultimately what you build will always be unique to you, and you deserve to use high-quality materials to build it.

“I have to give a special shoutout to Riad Tiles for the amazing tiles in both bathrooms. They were a dream to work with and I highly recommend them!”

We enjoyed working with The Style Editrix a lot, and we’re excited to have been able to contribute to her dream bathroom.

We always love helping people accomplish their interior design dreams. Seeing people use our tiles to build such amazing spaces is nothing less than inspiring, and we can’t help but feel proud to see our tiles being used so creatively. If you’d like to see any of our tiles in person, just order a sample and we’ll ship directly to your front door.