Refresh Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces with Colorful 4”x4” Formed Ceramic Tile

Every time we expand our tile offerings, it activates a burst of creative inspiration. Our new 4″x4″ formed ceramic tiles in seven different colors are an amazing blend of organic, natural texture and rich, uniform color.


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These ceramic tiles are versatile enough to use in almost any space, and we’re excited about these easy ways to incorporate the colorful formed tiles into energizing upgrades both inside and out.

Create a Transition Space

Design aesthetics change over time, but we don’t always have the budget to completely redo an entire home.  An easy solution? Pick one space to update to your newer style, then have an adjoining room or hallway act as a transition to the rest of your home. You can incorporate both styles into this transition area for a fraction of the cost of a full upgrade.

We love using pops of color to signal a transition from one area to another, and easing into a new aesthetic is the perfect place to use color strategically. If your new room is more colorful than your previous design style, choose a bold neutral as a transition item. Our new Clay 4″x4″ or Aegean Blue 4″x4″ formed tiles are at the top of our list for serving as perfect neutral-to-colorful pieces. The 4″x4″ size is great for a backsplash in a transition bathroom or as an accent border above a chair rail in a hallway.

Add Interest to Those Grays

Over the last 10 to 15 years, gray seemed to be the neutral of choice in many homes. If you’re swimming in a sea of gray and are ready for a revamp but don’t have the budget for an entire overhaul, adding colorful tile might be your answer. Two of our new ceramic tile colors mesh wonderfully with gray features like flooring or cabinetry, so you can update your walls and backsplash without breaking the bank.

Our Aegean Blue 4″x4″ formed tiles work with grays that have a bluer undertone, while the Petal 4″x4″ or Latte 4″x4″ tiles can help draw out the warmer undertones from grays that tend towards more brown. You can instantly revitalize your kitchen with a few strategic tile updates. For an even bolder move, add interest to your tile pattern by combining the 4″x4″ tiles with our classic 2″x8″ subway ceramic tiles in the same color. You can vary the subway tiles in horizontal and vertical orientations to add some pops of whimsy to this fresh space.

Merge Outdoor and Indoor Aesthetics

Each of our new 4″x4″ formed ceramic tiles has an organic texture that makes it the perfect choice for blending outdoor and indoor styles. As summer approaches, we’re daydreaming of a backyard patio upgrade with an outdoor kitchen complete with tiled countertops and island installations. Using our new Cactus Green 4″x4″ formed ceramic tile would seamlessly bring the garden onto the patio without taking away from the finished look of an outdoor room.

Not quite ready to make the jump to a full outdoor room? Upgrade your patio flooring or the pool deck with a classic black-and-white checkerboard pattern border. Our Deep Black 4″x4″ and White 4″x4″ formed ceramic tiles bring the timeless color palette with a more organic feel that’s perfect for your outdoor spaces.

These new 4″x4″ formed ceramic tiles are an exciting way to adjust the style in so many spaces, both indoors and out.